Is there any way I can find out what was on my father's will?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 29, 2016
Shar527 asked...

My father remarried, after several attempts to find out financial and will information from him I got nothing. He passed, I have no idea if there even is a will or if I am in it.We talked about several personal items but I know nothing, wife still alive, do I have any rights to find out about a will. Whe won't talk to me.

Expert Answers

You are in a difficult position. You want to know your right's under a will, or if a will of your father even exists. But your father's wife won't talk with you.

If you father left substantial property by a will, that will must go through probate in the county and state where he resided. Probate records are open to the public. So you could search probate court filings in his county, and see if he name appears.

Beyond that, there is little you can do. Wills do not have be registered with any state or official agency (aside from probate). So there is no place you can go to look to see if your father left a will.

If your father left a will and if you are left property by his will, it is the will executor's legal responsibility to make sure that those will provisions are carried out. If your father left a will, I imagine that his wife wold be the executor. So you are bak to square one. You do not know if your father left a will. If he did leave a will, but somehow his wife does not send it through probate, I don't know how you could discover whst the will says.