My dad had a stroke February 2014, It affected his right side I want him back

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Kprecious asked...

My father has just turned 53 and he was a happy jolly man. Due to high blood pressure he resulted in a severe stroke that impaired his speech and the use of his right hand, which he can't feel. He is able to walk and goes to GYM everyday without fail, he communicates through gestures and always makes it clear that he loves us 4 kids. I am 17, my older sister is 19, my young brother is 15 and my little sister is only 6 years old, before the stroke she adored my Dad and seeing him post-stroke her attitude has changed, however my Mum sometimes struggles to cope as she has quit her Job to care for him. We attend church every sunday, I just want the Man my Dad was , please Pray for me and my family, I believe that God is working constantly and I trust in him with all on my heart and refuse to lean on my own understanding! Thank you for reading,