My aunt is bedridden and wants to go home

0 answers | Last updated: Sep 08, 2016
A fellow caregiver asked...

My aunt lost her only son and I am now her POA. Shortly before his death she was placed in a nursing home. She is completely bedridden and can only feed herself and move her arms. She has dementia and other physical issues. Recently she has started calling her sister and me (constantly) asking us to take her home, just for the night. She says she can stay by herself but she cannot even sit unassisted.

She has no desire to do any sort of rehab or therapy to get to a point where she can do more for herself. I am thinking of making a list for her of things that if she could do alone then she could go home for a weekend. Things like: get from the bed to a wheelchair, dress herself, change her own undergarments, etc. Then she would have a goal and knows that until she can do those things she can not go home. She is a large woman and needs more than one person to turn her, change her, etc. Any advice? I have lost both parents and have not had to deal with dementia so this is a new ballgame for me. Thank you so much!!