Where can I find resources for movers that don't scam people?

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Denise56 asked...

We need to move some of my mother's stuff from Florida to California. I'd been working with a moving company broker and thought we were going to go with them but I started reading reviews and it turns out there are a lot of moving brokers who are scamming people especially in Florida.

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Sho b answered...

Hello "Denise56," Thank you for posting your caregiving challenges with our community! You may search for Senior Move Managers in your area through our Senior Living Directory: https://www.caring.com/local/senior-move-managers

Senior move managers help plan for and manage a move, often to a retirement community. Senior move manager services can include downsizing and packing belongings, hiring and supervising movers, and unpacking and setting up the new home. Senior move service prices vary widely"”charges may be by the hour (usually $25 to $75, depending on the region) or a flat fee by the job"”a full-service senior move can cost as much as several thousand dollars. Senior move managers are best for those with decades' worth of accumulated belongings, whose health is frail, or who don't have adult children nearby.

When the time is right, I encourage you to write and rate any Senior Move Managers, or other care providers, you have had experience with for our Senior Living Directory. To write and rate a provider, please visit: https://www.caring.com/review_submissions/new?utm_source=community and keep review guidelines in mind as you share your experience.

These articles may also be helpful, as you look for more information on this topic:

Please don't hesitate to be in touch with our team if we may help you find additional resources during this transitional time.

Kind regards, Sho of the Caring.com Community Team

Denise56 answered...

ShoB: Thanks so much for the information on moving managers. My mother actually has my brother and sister-in-law staying with her until we get her moved to California. They have been able to help her sort through her house and de-clutter and my son and I will be flying out to Florida to help out, too.

What we really need to find are the names of any moving companies that have been used by members and have positive reviews. Like I said, we had contacted a moving broker, Moving APT, and they have given us great service and a great estimate.

My concern is the non-refundable deposit and the fact that they won't give me the name of the moving company that will actually do the moving until we pay them about $500. A deposit is understandable but with all the horror stories I've read on http://www.movingscam.com/forum/ my brother and I have decided not to go through them unless we hear good things from others.

I'm ready to rent a truck and drive it across country myself but we've already bought the plane tickets. This is so overwhelming but I know we'll make it through and learn some important lessons that we can share with others.