Mom's replacement aortic valve isn't working right, what can we expect to happen to her health?

1 answer | Last updated: Oct 04, 2016
Katosboss asked...

Mom is 91 and was diagnosed with COPD in 2009. Recently, we were informed that her replacement aortic valve which is bovine is not working right. What can I expect to happen as far as health problems?

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Carolyn Strimike, N.P. and Margie Latrella, N.P. are cardiac nurse practitioners specializing in the prevention of heart disease and stroke. They have over 40 years of nursing experience in Cardiology between them. The main goal of their work is to counsel, motivate and empower women to adopt healthy lifestyle choices.

Sorry to hear about your mom's heart valve. Her symptoms will depend on how bad the aortic valve problem is, ranging from mild to severe. So you should ask her doctor specifically what "not working" means. She may start to experience fatigue, shortness of breath and swelling of the feet and ankles. But many times these problems can be controlled with medications.