How to access the medical records of deceased parents?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 16, 2016
A fellow caregiver asked...

my parents are now dead i would like access to thier medical records how can i do this

Expert Answers

Rebekah Peoples, CFSP, CPC, Is a licensed funeral director and embalmer. She is passionate about serving others and believes that giving clients honest, accurate information empowers them to create tributes and services that are meaningful and appropriate. Her tips about funerals and life can be found at

Please understand that I can only answer this from personal experience and a funeral director's point of view. Obviously from your parents' deaths, you know that a death certificate is necessary. If death occurs in a hospital, many times the place that funeral directors get the death certificate is in the Medical Records Department at the hospital. Start by checking there. If either of their deaths did not occur in a hospital, contact their doctor and explain your desire for access to their medical records. If they can't help for some reason, ask for their help in how you can get them.

If that fails, contact an attorney. Many will offer an initial consultation free of charge.