Is there anything that can be done against a sister-in-law who signed my dad's deed with out him knowing?

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Bgc410 asked...

Received a call from sister in law telling me my dad had put his house in my brothers name, later I found out sister in law signed deed to dads house without dad knowing, is there anything that can be done? I have two other brothers who also did not know. I spoke with my dad after knowing info , he told me he had no idea sister in law signed deed. I called the attorney , I got two different stories about what took place. Is there anything we can do to get sister in law off deed?

Expert Answers

You want to know if you can get your father's name off a deed transferring his house to your brother, because you state that he never signed that deed. If that is true and can be proven, there are a number of possible remedies. First of all, your father could simply ask the brother who received the deed, and who is now, I take it, the (apparent) legal owner of the house to sign a deed transferring ownership back to your father. If your brother refuses to do that, your father could sue him, and the sister-in-law, claiming that they fraudulently signed his name to the deed. Indeed, that might well be a criminal offense.

But I'm puzzled about what actually occurred here. You state that you called "the attorney." What attorney? Who did that attorney represent, or allegedly represent? How did the attorney get involved in this transaction? How do you know about the attorney? Did the attorney give you "two different stories about what took place?" What are those stories?

Moreover, you end by stating that you want to get your sister in law off the deed? Was the deed made out to her and your brother? If so, the sister in law would have to sign a deed returning the house to your father, as would her husband.

I simply do not have sufficient information about what happened regarding the deed to be able to give you more definite advice.