Is confused language a side effect of a stroke and can it be restored?

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A fellow caregiver asked...

my dad is 64 years old. he has been pretty healthy in his age. we regretibly live 45mins to an hour away so i dont get to see hime as much. recently i couldnt reach him for about 3 days i got worried and drove to his house. where i found him in the floor face down. he had had a massive stroke and had been there for 3 days approx. the doctors said his whole left side of his brain was affected. he is doin very good he calls from the hospital when i cant get there and he is walking a little and moving his right arm and opening and closing his hand even. in only a week thats great progress. my worrie is he will be talking and then all of a sudden he talks and it makes no sense like we can be talking a bout the weather and then he says he and i went to florida last week. can any one tell me if this is just a sideaffect of a strok and as his brain grows back heathy this will all go away!

Expert Answers

Laura Juel is an occupational therapist at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. She works in the Outpatient Occupational Therapy Program and the Duke Driving Program for older drivers.

The left side of your brain is the area that controls language; the ability to understand and speak. A stroke can affect these areas and result in a language impairment called aphasia. This can be very frustrating for your dad and family if you all are unable to communicate basic needs. I recommend that you ask your physician for a prescription to see a speech language pathologist. They will work with your dad on strategies to improve his ability to communicate. Only time will tell how much recovery he will make but in the meantime he will still need to communicate.