Is it possible to take a loved one to a nursing home when I am going on vacation?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
Deeda asked...

My Mother is 96 and blind. She is still very sharp and knows what is going on. I have a sister that now will not take her just so My husband and I can get away sometimes. Someone has to always be around to take my mother to the bathroom and make her meals and help to show her where her food is on her plate. Is there places that will take her for a week or two now and then?

Expert Answers

Hi Deeda,

This is a great question! Many assisted living communities have care available for people looking for short term care for a loved one when on vacation. This type of care is commonly called "respite care". You can actually find four communities in your area for free through here:

You can also call our Family Advisors if you have questions about touring or paying for assisted living or respite care. Talk to a Family Advisor for free at (866) 824-8174

Hope this information is helpful for you!