In heritance of Land Property

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A fellow caregiver asked...

I am married to a family of four sisters and my husband is the only son in the family. When my husband started working he started to pay for the loan of the house and property of which they were living on. His Parents made a verbal agreement for him to pay for the loan and complete because one day the property will be for my husband. When I married to the family, I also heard both my Parents in Law mentioning that to us. We completed the loan in 1993. We have been living in the house until 2013 my father in law had an urguement with my husband and went to see his youngest daughter. He then tranferred the title to her name without our knowledge. We were caught by surprise when we received an eviction order to come out of the house. Is there any changes of us fighting for the piece of land or we do not have any chances but to move out. I would appreciate some advice on that.