I left work & school to care of my Aunt as she asked the last 10 years

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A fellow caregiver asked...

I took care of my Aunt, left work an school for her. I was never paid for it. My family stayed with her for 30 years. My deceased husband an my son who is 29 now all helped. She had to do a reverse mortgage. But she left me the house. I tried keeping up an an now the mortgage co. want me out. I am 60 now lost my mom 04/02/12 lost my Aunt and my husband on my Birthday. Husband passed 08/06/13 an my aunt died 08/06/14. My Aunt was obese an very hard to take care of an move her around making my illnesses worse. Can I get compensation for the last 10 years of being her caregiver till the day she died. I couldn't keep up with the taxes any more the mortgage co. took over. They want me to move out as soon as Jan.? I suffer with NO income yet I've applied an waiting on that. I have (dsd) Degenerative spine disease and of the joints. Chronic back pain, osteoporosis, I fall a lot. I suffer with anxiety, depression, I can't remember things any more I forget a lot. What can I do? So I'm gonna be homeless. I have Medicaid and food stamps applied for widow an disability but haven't heard any thing yet. I also have hepatis B an C. What can I do? Plus if I get disability would it be enough to live on before I take my husbands Social Security so I can get a higher rate.