How can I tell if mother is getting proper care in her nursing facility?

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How can I tell if mother is getting proper care in nursing facility?

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Nan Hayes is founder of, the national resource network of Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists for seniors, and President of RightSized Living, a senior home transition service in Illinois.

Quality ratings are often available for homes and should be part of your research when selecting a home. In many cases you can find this information on state websites. States survey Medicare and Medicaid certified homes every 9-18 months including interviews with residents, review of resident records, inspection of the premises, and assessment of compliance with state and federal standards. You have the right to request the latest state inspection report to see how the home performed against state standards set by law. You may also want to use a nursing home checklist  for a personal review.  Be cautious of fee based websites that offer rating information. The department of Health and Human services offers a great deal of nursing home rating and comparative information .

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Stacy fisher rd, ld answered...

Quality measures are certainly an important aspect of evaluating nursing home performance, but it's equally important to be actively involved in your loved one's care. Attending care conferences is a great way to see how the nursing home is handling your loved one's specific needs. During these conferences, they will review medications, weight trends, meal acceptance and other important information. Remember to ask lots of questions and speak directly to staff members involved with your area of concern. If you have specific concerns about nutrition, ask to speak with the registered dietitian. The nursing home staff should be able to tell you how they are addressing the needs of your loved one. If you still have questions or concerns, always ask to speak with the director or nursing or the administrator.

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Can we ask for smaller portions to keep moms weight down? She has been in the Nursing Home for 4 yrs. now and has really gained the weight!