How can I convince my father to bathe more often?

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Tombaugh asked...

My father is 96 years old and mentally pretty sound, except that he will only bathe once a week. He has incontinence and bowel issues. He only changes his clothes once a week when he bathes, including underwear. He stinks so badly you can't be near him. I have asked, pleaded and demanded to no avail. I have tried to approach the subject of disposible protection. He gets upset and tells me to mind my own business. What can I do?

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I hope you got the answer I posted to your earlier email. If not, post again. Thanks.

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Taking it day by day answered...

I have the same problem with my father-in-law. He changes his clothes and takes a showermaybe once every 10-14 days! We laid his clothes out and showed him where the shower is and soap and shampoo but forgets and thinks that his clothes etc. need to be put away. Another obsession is he keeps every napkin that he uses and then some and puts them in his pockets even the used ones. which adds to the smell of not bathing. Does anyone have answers..........or suggestions