Getting in home care for spouse

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A fellow caregiver asked...

My sister and her husband live in Montana, both are 64 years old. He is on disability, sister works. He had a malignant brain tumor and stroke in Nov 2015, now has esophogeal cancer and blood clot in lung. Sister has been off work since Oct 2015 to care for her husband. She needs to return to work. She needs in home care for her husband while she is at work. They have a mortgage on their home and have no assets. She is the sole provider of the home other than his small disability compensation.

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Dianacaring answered...

Thanks for your question and for reaching out to our online community for suggestions. Sorry to hear about the situation you described. Our family advisors are available by phone to help you find in home caregiver options or assisted living options: (800) 325-8591 The referral service is free. If you'd rather look online for local listings The searchable directory of agencies includes consumer ratings and reviews of local providers.