How can I get my father to eat healthier?

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Sincerity asked...

My father is 74 years of age and blind. He has Congestive Heart Failure. I now live with him. I have a difficult time explaining and helping him to eat right. What should I do? I took him to the doctor yesterday, and his heart is working only 27-30%. His heart muscles are weak, but he is doing pretty good. My father has been blind for 50 years. He lived independantly until February this year. My father has high blood pressure, boderline diabetes as well. He still wants to eat what he wants.

Expert Answers

It sounds like you're very concerned about your father's health, and I commend you for that. I also sympathize with your worries; it's so frustrating when someone won't do what's in his own best interests. But the truth is, your father is an adult. The best thing you can do is help support him to make good choices. Talk to him about what he eats, help encourage him to eat a healthy diet. And perhaps most importantly, eat a healthy diet yourself.

But ultimately, it's his own responsibility to take care of himself. And it's important to realize that you can't make him make healthy choices – otherwise, you can drive yourself crazy. I wish you and your father all the best.

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Dgcollector answered...

How can I get my father to eat healthier?

If you are the cook for the household, you can make healthier foods available, such as raw fruits and vegetables, rather than fatty snacks. Also if you prepare meals for you and your father, you again have control of the foods offered for dinner. Make more chicken and fish meals with appealing side dishes which are low fat, low sodium, etc.

Your Dad sounds like a sharp cookie and may not easily be tricked into eating healthy. I always try to eat frozen yogurt or "no sugar added" ice cream, when I buy frozen treats. My family eats these and doesn't notice a difference, and of course I don't tell them the real truth.