How can I persuade my mother to attend a support group for chronically ill people?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
Hughbud asked...

I am the only caregiver for my elderly mother, who has numerous chronic conditions. I think that we both need to join a support group to help us understand that there are others out there who are suffering too. I'm convinced that  the support of a group could help ease the feelings of self-pity and day-to-day depression my mother is experiencing. However, she refuses to go, and says a group would only make her feel worse. If nothing else, I think I need a group to help me deal with her illnesses and depression. Can you help?

Expert Answers

Your situation sounds tough. I think that you're right that you would benefit from support, and I recommend you join a caregivers support group as soon as possible.

As for your mother, she would probably benefit from joining a group as well, but you can't make her do so if she refuses, and if you keep trying you're likely to just meet with frustration. However, if she sees that you are finding companionship and support in your group, she may change her mind.