How do we find an assisted living facility for my mother-in-law in a location where we will be moving too?

1 answer | Last updated: Nov 11, 2016
A fellow caregiver asked...

My husband and I live in central NY and will be moving to the Richmond, VA area. His mother is in an assisted living home where we are presently living. We need help to find her an appropriate living situation in VA. Can you tell us how to start to find a place that is appropriate? I do not need to list all her ailments other than to say she is an 88 year-old woman with senile dementia and various other health problems. Her funds are limited and she has Medicare and Medicaid to pay her expenses. Where do I start and how do we do this?

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Donna Quinn Robbins is the author of Moving Mom and Dad and On the Road of Life, Drive Yourself. She helps individuals, families, retirement communities, and corporations make successful transitions through her company, Ultimate Moves. Robbins is an active public speaker on the topic of senior transition services and has appeared on NBC's Today Show.

You didn't say where you are moving but contact New and request a book of communities in the area where you are moving. They also have 6 and under board and cares that take medicaid or section 8. You could also contact the Ombudsmen in that area and they will send you a of places to check out. Try and only move your mother-in-law once because it will traumatic enough just moving. You will need to check out places before you move and decide on one. Thank you Donna