How can I find a new doctor that accepts Medicare?

2 answers | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
Becca asked...

i am looking for a doctor that accepts medicare and can't find one.  Is there an easy way?

Expert Answers

The Medicare web site has a tool that can help you find doctors who accept Medicare patients. The tool gives you a list of those doctors who practice in your geographic area. The tool also breaks down this list of doctors by their medical specialty. The list provides you with specific information about each doctor, as well as where they practice and how to contact them.

If a doctor is identified on this list as participating in Medicare, that means the doctor accepts the Medicare-approved amount for any particular treatment or service as payment in full (though you're still responsible for the 20 percent copayment that Medicare Part B doesn't pay). What this list doesn't tell you, though, is whether any particular doctor is presently accepting new Medicare patients. For that answer, you have to contact the doctor's office directly.

Community Answers

Eeesh answered...

For your information, and with all due respect, MEDICARE.GOV does not maintain the list of doctors on there website.. For that matter even if you call, you'll just get someone to resite to whats already there. The problem i'm having is that the doctors on the list are either not accepting new patients, or don't take medicare anylonger, or are already retired. CLOSED1 frustating!!!... anyway I take eight different medicines, i'm running out fast and I can't find a doctor in my area or elswhere