Is it ok for my diabetic father to drink?

2 answers | Last updated: Nov 09, 2016
Ginagirl asked...

My 70 year old father has diabetes. He takes his insulin as normal. However I worry is that he drinks a beer at 4:00 pm, than has about three Jack & water drinks in the evening while watching TV. He also snacks on chips and salsa. He either falls asleep on his chair or goes into a light coma than (I am guessing) but he is very difficult to wake up. I can yell, shake him or softly call him, but it does not wake him up right away. At 10:00 pm I try to wake him up to go into his bedroom to sleep. Is this normal?

I know he is depressed, at times he does not want to have visitors. He will not go for walks. It is irritating to me.

Community Answers

Pandora answered...

He's 70 and won't live forever anyway. He doesn't have other tools in his toolbox to deal with his pain and he probably is like a dog that won't learn new tricks so leave him be after you share your concern and have his doctor tell him the risks and after that he is grown and makes the decisions whether you worry or not. NO one can control another and a 70 year old is unlikely to see things your way. Best of Luck, Jenn I worked in Geriatrics for 18 years and am being honest. I feel your pain as I cannot even get my own father to take his own meds. :(

A fellow caregiver answered...

I totally agree...Good luck to you and your dad.