Cleaning Help?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 12, 2016
Trying2help asked...

So I'm getting the hang of getting my mom to the toilet when she usually doesn't have to go. After she tries, I have her stand up so I can use the wipes. She has clean pullups and her pants in place. And shoes, So I just need to wipe and pull everything up...but then when she stands up, she starts to pee and every thing's ruined. We're back at square 1. We can repeat this process a couple of times before I just give up and let her go a little bit soiled. Is there a trick to catch the urine that is just waiting to escape as soon as she stands up. Thank you for any tips you may have!

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A fellow caregiver answered...

Does she have mild dementia? This sounds very familiar. When dealing with my mother, I used some of her old tricks with us kids. First tactic was to run just a trickle of water in the sink...sounds being the inspiration. Second tactic was diversion. I would just start talking about something besides the task at hand. Generally the extended sit on the toilet and no pressure to perform would produce something. Finally, especially if she had a UTI, I would sometimes use a squeeze bottle and bathe her with warm water. It seemed to take the sting out of the start of her stream.