Can heart conditions be corrected?

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Olatunji asked...

After one notices a combination of the signs of an unhealthy heart, can the heart condition be corrected? Pls I need an answer urgently.

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Carolyn Strimike, N.P. and Margie Latrella, N.P. are cardiac nurse practitioners specializing in the prevention of heart disease and stroke. They have over 40 years of nursing experience in Cardiology between them. The main goal of their work is to counsel, motivate and empower women to adopt healthy lifestyle choices.

We really cannot answer your question without more information. If you are experiencing symptoms such as chest pain/discomfort, shortness of breath, irregular heart beats you definitely should get to your health care provider for an evaluation. By diagnosing and treating the problem early you may be able to prevent any permanent damage. You need to find out what your risk factors are and get them under control - cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, weight. Start eating a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis. But first get to your healthcare provider and find out exactly what type of heart condition you may have.

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Incognito314 answered...

There is an available, relatively inexpensive way to rejuvenate your entire vascular system. This is EDTA, administered via IV by a qualified physician. I am 84 and was chelated some 70 times over the past twenty five years. The administering physician can check your urine right afterward and witness the cholesterol that is being excreted.

About two years ago a sprain in my left leg led my physician to have me get a MRA (i. e., an arterial magnetic resonance). The result was that statement that all my vascular system was "widely patent," i. e., totally clear.

Recently commenced following the China Study diet - as described in T.C. Campell's recent best seller, THE CHINA STUDY - no better advice is available in the world; recommend highly.