A non family member is POA for my Elder Aunt

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A fellow caregiver asked...

In 2011 my Aunt changed her POA to a gentleman whom she has known for years. Originally my brother & I (nephew/niece) were her POA's till that time from 1992. She had no children of her own, our Mother is her sister. In the last few years she has had signs of Dementia as I had a geriatric assessment team test/assess her several times in the last few years. Already in 2011 she had caused burning smoke in her apartment as she would forget to turn off her stove. Finally, in 2012 she was evicted & had to move to Assisted Living. Why would her lawyer allow her to make this change? Her cognition was starting to become impaired then. My Mother & I have a health care directive in place. She was admitted to hospital last November & wasn't fit to return home. She was not doing well in the community, forgetting to take her meds, etc. Recently, she had been placed into a Nursing Home. Her POA I have only met twice, I don't know him nor any personal history with this man. We have spoken on the phone several times regarding my Aunts welfare. Being her POA it has made this an awkward/bizarre situation gor me. I have concerns as he doesn't seem to mind to handle her affairs. He has been made aware & I have let her bank know as a family member I will audit her account. My Aunt also had another lady whom I don't know as an alternate POA in event of death to current POA? This person on the document has now made me very uncomfortable with her current situation. My Aunts current rresidence has to be vacated soon. Her POA is wanting to work with family as I am.sure he is feeling awkward. I suggested he could relinquish his duties. I am getting an impression that he just wants to handle her finances on her behalf but wanting me to take care of the grunt work? I reminded him he is her POA & why is this role changing? It would be easier if it just stayed with family as he doesn't have the same relationship with her as I do? Any advice? Thanks