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Reviews of The Preserve at Palm Aire

based on 41 Reviews

Karen846778 November 26, 2016

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My mother in-law is in the Preserve; they were very helpful and concerned with getting her acclimated. Everybody seemed to know and is concerned about the residents. The rooms were small but well laid out, and it basically had everything she needs. The facility surroundings had a lot of foliage and trees. It was calm, peaceful, and nice to look at. They had 2 different restaurants that the residents can eat at; they had certain foods that are standard, and then they had specials for all 3 meals.

Russel K. November 23, 2016

I visited this facility

The Preserve was wonderful. They had all the information right up front. We sat in a lovely room. The place was absolutely to die for. It was gorgeous. The staff was wonderful. They had staff 24 hours a day. They all sort of things going on like calisthenics in the pool, TV nights, movie nights, and bingo. They exercises which was good. They we went into the room. I was very impressed with the size of the room. The dining room was really beautiful, and the menu was quite awesome. The living condition was superior.

Provider Response

Thank you for taking the time to share your recent experience. Your feedback is very valuable to us as we work to provide the best resident and guest experience each and every day.

Michael457302 November 22, 2016

I visited this facility

The Preserve at Palm Aire had medical staff on the facility 24 hours a day. They had a lot more outside area for them to enjoy. They had a salon and two different theater rooms where you could watch movies. They serve 3 meals a day. They had activities like bingo. They had field trips outside too. They also provided transportations to and from doctor's appointments within 7 miles. Their staff was very great. It was more structured.

Provider Response

Thank you for taking the time to share your recent experience. Your feedback is very valuable to us as we work to provide the best resident and guest experience each and every day.

Brady535010 November 02, 2016

I visited this facility

The Preserve at Palm-Aire was great. They were very helpful and informative, and it's a very nice place. They had nice rooms, apartments, and facilities. Everything looked really good. The staff was excellent and very nice. The price was reasonable, and it was pretty much in the same ball park as anywhere else. It seems like they have a lot of activities and trips so there's a lot going on.

Provider Response

Thank you for taking the time to share your recent experience. Your feedback is very valuable to us as we work to provide the best resident and guest experience each and every day.

Mary214312 November 01, 2016

I visited this facility

The Preserve at Palm Aire was a very nice place. The apartments were very nice. The people were wonderful. We had lunch there; the food was OK. It’s a big dining room with a restaurant -- very bright and airy. The apartment we looked at was very nice and had a nice layout, but it’s just not for my mother right now. She can’t afford it.

Jane870311 October 20, 2016

I visited this facility

My visit at The Preserve at Palm Aire was very nice, and I think that if my parents were going any place, it would be the choice. The rooms were not especially large, but it was just clean and freshly redone. They had a nice little garden and a sitting area outside. There's a salon for my mom to have her hair done. It sounded like a nice place to be. They're very cordial, and everything looked nice. We only met with one of the staff, and she was very informative, friendly, and wanted to spend time to answer all our questions so she did a nice job.

Mariana P. October 05, 2016

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

We have actually moved my father in to the Preserve. Three days after he got there, he had a very big pain, and he went to a hospital and hospice. He went back to the Preserve for about a week, but because he no longer needs nursing care only the scolio care and we could not afford that the Preserve as it would be like $10,000 a month, he had to leave. If he had not had any medical issue, he would still be at there at the Preserve because it was really a phenomenal place. It’s really nice. I would rate them 4 only because they did not pick up the laundry when they were supposed to do it, and they did not clean the place when they were supposed to do it. I know they have the service, but you have to ask for it.

SuzanneBSIPC May 11, 2016

I am a friend or relative of a resident

The Preserve at Palm Aire is luxurious, snazzy and very nice. I have a lady friend there who loves it. It is a comfortable condo-type, so it's like having her own apartment and not just a room. The staff is very nice to me. It looks very nice and quiet in the woods. There are all kinds of good things for them to do, I am sure.

Ed45 January 24, 2016

I am a friend or relative of a resident

We are very happy with The Preserve at Palm Aire. They have a lot of activities at this facility. The bedrooms were very nice. They have a pool, a movie theater and they have a game room.

Shirley118245750 January 20, 2016

I visited this facility

The Preserve at Palm Aire was really nice. They have rooms right there like an apartment where they flip a sign on the door when they get up in the morning to show that they’re OK. They have a main kitchen if you want to eat there, or you have your own kitchen in your apartment. They have a lot of activities, so there’s a lot going on. When I went to visit, the staff was very nice, and the residents seemed happy.

Jeff O December 20, 2015

I visited this facility

Everything at the Preserve at Palm Aire was very nice. The facility itself was very nice, and the people seemed very nice too, but we are not just ready to do anything yet. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. The amenities were very nice; they have a nice dining hall and common areas. The rooms were small though.

anonymous115566750 November 24, 2015

I visited this facility

I really liked the Preserve at Palm Aire. They obviously just redid it because it’s clean and freshly painted. It's a fairly nice place with a nice dining room. They have someone come in to sing and a card room where they play cards and bingo.

mrsbeat10 November 06, 2015

I am/was a resident of this facility

I have been living there for almost 7 years now, and I can tell you that our community has never been better. This new company - LCS - that came in in August is outstanding. The manager, Justin is at least two classes above all the prior ones COMBINED. What a leader-always interacting with all residents, walking the community many times daily, and putting resident's needs first. Scott, the chef is excellent. Don't ever allow these two to leave this place. I see some new employees, but the staff members that remained are great. The attitude of all the staff has improved tremendously in such a short period of time. For the first time ever, I am proud to call this place HOME. I am a 89 year old lady, involved in many activities, and groups who is as happy as can be living in a great, beautiful run place. Thank You Preserve!

Andrea28 October 30, 2015

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Mom is in Preserve at Palm Aire, and we like it. The staff seem fine; however, she is not so happy with her cleaning lady. She is trying to get her switched to someone else, but everything else is OK. The food and location is good, and the facility is very nice. That was one of the reasons we chose it. They had lots of activities, the grounds are nice and the room is nice. It’s clean and doesn't smell of urine.

Willie4 October 30, 2015

I visited this facility

It was a pleasure to meet the person that spoke to me. I had a tour of the place and was able to go to specific rooms that were going to be most conducive for my husband and me. The staff at The Preserve at Palm Aire that we came in contact with as we were touring the facility was absolutely fantastic. The amenities were excellent, which means that it will certainly serve my purpose because I will not have to cook. The menus that I viewed were mouthwatering, believe it or not. The recreation and educational departments they had were fantastic. The assisted part will work for my husband, and independent will work for me. I am satisfied with the facility.

Anonymous114526450 October 27, 2015

I visited this facility

First of all, the facility looks nice and had interesting activities. The rooms were lovely but much smaller than the apartment my dad has now, so size was a big consideration. He has more room now, and since he walks with a walker, that was kind of important. The kitchen at Palm-Aire was really tiny. I think it would have been hard for him to navigate it. I only met the salesperson, and she was lovely. For me, my brother, and my husband, their activities stood out to us. They were far more intellectually stimulating than the ones where my dad is at now, and because of that, we were surprised he picked the place he's in now.

Caring114302650 October 21, 2015

I visited this facility

The Preserve was very nice. It had a very nice location and look like a very comfortable place. The apartments were nicer. They have their own buses and you’ll see them all over town. They are out on tours and going shopping and they are very active.

Caring104553550 April 25, 2015

I visited this facility

We visited The Preserve at Palm-Aire for my mom. I like it. Maybe it was a little smaller, but it was a nice facility. They have the same activities as the other place, but the size maybe was a little smaller. I'm pretty impressed with the layout. It was a little bit more compact so there wasn't quite as much walking required. They have arts and bridge. They take them to the theater, and they bring outside lecturers from the university. The facility was very secure and safe. The dining room was very nice. They seemed to be innovative in trying new things.

Caring101106250 February 11, 2015

I visited this facility

My mom has moved in to a place already. Preserve at Palm Aire is a really nice place. The food is great, and the staff is nice. It is a well-kept facility with nice grounds. She is in a two-bedroom apartment. It has two bathrooms and a kitchenette. I have tried to eat there, and it is good. They have lectures, card games, and day trips. They actually are the ones who made the decision to pick it the place because they are independent. I thought the grounds were nice.

Caring98792350 December 16, 2014

I visited this facility

The place looked great, well kept, and very clean. The service was excellent, and the food was great. The Preserve at Palm Aire was just renovated, and everything was up-to-date. The rooms that I looked at seemed to be OK. The staff were very cordial.

Jim93034150 August 25, 2014

I visited this facility

We liked the Preserve at Palm Aire, but we are not really considering it. They gave us the option of having a villa that is separate from the main building and at first we thought it was a good idea, but then we realized it wouldn't be such a good idea after all. We ate there and the food was good. It was a beautiful place and the pool area was very nice and very attractive. They have been going through a renovation of the exterior parts of the building. They seemed to be dedicated to improving the facility and they are working hard in trying to become better.

jennic August 22, 2014

I visited this facility

I visited this facility while looking for a place for my mother. My mother ultimately wasn't ready for this move but the Preserve seems looked to be an attractive upscale residence. The downstairs was going through a renovation and the work was proceeding quickly. Design boards with photos and fabric swatches were posted throughout showing the future attractive updates. The facility is bright, active, spacious and has attractive landscaping throughout. The staff we met were warm and attentive from the front desk, through housekeeping. The scheduled showed daily activities from exercise to performances. There is also a "pop-up" store each week so that residents can have a variety of on-site shopping.

xlaurita33 July 10, 2014

I am a friend or relative of resident

My friend lives here and I must say this place is terrible! I wish I could have my friend live with me. She is on the assisted living side and has already had TWO BED SORES! Sometimes when I come to visit her breakfast/lunch/dinner tray is still sitting on the counter ice cold and plastic wrapped because she hasn't been fed. There are tiny ants all over the apartment as well, I feel sorry for all the elders who live here. I constantly see the aides on their cell phones while sitting with residents, how lonely, I have also heard them scream at them. I would think twice before sending your loved one here, especially if they are on the assisted living side.

strin32073 January 07, 2014

I visited this facility


Joe24 November 27, 2013

I am a friend or relative of a resident

We chose The Preserve at Palm Aire for my mom because they met all our needs. I really like the facility's location. The rooms are spacious. The staff are absolutely helpful.

Caring69708750 October 25, 2013

I visited this facility

The Preserve at Palm Aire is a large facility and it seemed every comfortable. We had lunch there and the food is very good. The only thing is that they are just about to undergo renovation and I am concerned with the fact that if they would start the renovation, that would be a little inconvenient for us.

Sandy26 October 24, 2013

I visited this facility

The woman that had taken me around The Preserve was very nice. She took me to several apartments and throughout the whole building. She even introduced me to people and she answered all the questions that I needed to be answered. She took us to the activity rooms and showed us the calendar of all the events that they have planned there and their schedules. The rooms were very clean, very spacious and bigger than the others that I had seen. The place was very clean and it had no medicinal smell. I was very impressed.

Amanda175 August 05, 2013

I visited this facility

I visited the Preserve with my mother. I thought that the place & the apts. were nice til I looked a little closer. The windows on the left when u first walked in (looked like a library) were dirty, as were the windows on the elevator outside. The carpeting was also dirty looking, as was the floor in the ceramics room. After I noticed this, I couldn't let my mother live there. I want her to live in a clean place.

Caring070201 July 11, 2013

I am a friend or relative of a resident

We chose Preserve at Palm Aire because of the condition of the place, the staff and the rate. The place was very clean and upscale. The staff were very helpful. The dining room was spacious for the residents and the food was very good. My father-in-law had a two-bedroom apartment with his own bathroom. Everybody had their own bedroom unlike the other facilities which had shared rooms. They only shared the living room and kitchen. Everything was great there.

caring774 June 13, 2013

I am/was a resident of this facility

It has been two months since my daughter placed me at The Preserve at Palm-Aire. They have a nice apartment. I have a kitchen and I can cook if I want to. The staff is fine. They just need more activities.

Lt. TIA 33 June 07, 2013

I visited this facility

Preserve at Palm Aire is a very nice and well-maintained facility. The receptionist there was very nice. Residents here get to do a lot of activities like arts and crafts and they play bingo once in a while. If you need to go somewhere and you can't go there on your own, they have a bus there that takes you where you want.

John37 April 30, 2013

I am a friend or relative of a resident

The reason we chose this facility has something to do with money. The price is right and is a very clean and nice facility. Their staff is very friendly, helpful and caring. Their food is good. The restaurant is very nice and comfortable. We got a one bedroom apartment for my mom. It has a washer and dryer so my mom can wash her own clothes. They have a full bath and full kitchen so they can cook. I liked that it is a nice clean spacious apartment. This is an assisted and non-assisted living facility. They do both. And they do all her medical for her. They make sure she takes her medicine because my mom's a diabetic.

Diana7 March 29, 2013

I visited this facility

I chose Preserve at Palm Aire because it was the closest facility to me and the family. It was homely and less institutional. The staff were amenable.

Imatpeace May 09, 2012

I am a friend or relative of a resident

The staff in this facility were very interactive and kind to anyone that entered the facility. They find ways to give each member of the facility time to partake in stimulating activities. The rooms are kept in very good condition. They contain a bathroom and come with a bed. It can be compared to an apartment. One side is a nursing home and the other can be referred to as assistant living. This is a very nice place for people to go and i would recommend it to anyone attempting to live there. Florida is the place to be.

w35 May 06, 2012

I visited this facility

I got the a chance to tour the facility when I was looking for a place to stay. The facility was very nice, and i love it but I needed to be around with people more so this place doesn't work for me well.

commercesd April 26, 2012

I visited this facility

We happened to be in the area and decided to stop in to see Preserve at Palm-aire assisted living facility while searching for a place for my friend's mother to live.

The outside area resembled any other seaside dwelling and looked well maintained.

The interior design seemed easy to navigate and each room had good views with plenty of fresh sea air and light.

Space is always at a premium on much of the coast, so we weren't expecting much in the way of activity rooms. We were pleasantly surprised that there seemed to be very nice and spacious rooms for social activities.

Because the weather is so mild there, the residents may enjoy walks along the beach and spend time outdoors just about any time they like.

The residents are encouraged to enjoy physical activity as much as possible. They also offer yoga and aerobics classes, sometimes held outdoors.

The staff often takes residents on many outings into Pompano Beach's vibrant community to enjoy all that it has to offer. Seniors can enjoy sight seeing, nature walks and cultural events throughout the region.

The staff appeared to accommodate all levels of ambulation. The dining areas offered great food that looked and smelled delicious. The menus included food options for all kinds of diets. Healthy snacks are offered all day and into the evening, and whenever requested.

Private rooms featured nicely decorated surroundings, all with nice air, light and views.

Staff appeared to make every effort to ensure that the residents were both safe and comfortable in this well-designed living environment.

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From The Preserve at Palm Aire

Welcome to The Preserve At Palm-Aire, a landmark senior-living community in Pompano Beach situated on 13 acres of lush, beautiful grounds in South Florida.

With Independent Living and Assisted Living, our primary focus is on preserving residents’ quality of life in every way possible. From gourmet meals and fun activities, to wellness care, comfortable amenities and complimentary transportation, your days will be filled with many opportunities to live well.

The Preserve is located just north of Fort Lauderdale on Florida’s Gold Coast, an eclectic region of Atlantic Ocean beaches, sub-tropical weather and a country club attitude. You will find this area the perfect background to enjoy the very best in senior care, services and amenities. Take a look around the website and we’re sure you’ll agree, The Preserve At Palm-Aire is everything you’ve been looking for.

If you are desiring a lifestyle the provides you with the freedom to spend your days on want-tos instead of have-tos, then you will feel right at home at The Preserve at Palm Aire. The Grande Clubhouse has all the amenities you need to fill your day with fun andThe Preserve at Palm Aire - Pompano Beach, FL - Apartment friends. Whether you join the silver sneakers exercise group or attend the weekly art class, you will never lack for activities because our monthly calendar is filled every day.

The same attention we bestow upon creating fun-filled days extends to your apartment home. Our apartment homes, available in studio, one- and two-bedroom floor plans, all have designer upgrades, plush carpeting and full kitchens. Best of all, one monthly fee covers utilities, rent, maintenance and much, much more.

Features of The Preserve at Palm Aire


  • Minimum rate: $2200/month
  • Minimum Memory Cost $3750/month
  • Rent Plus Care Fees
  • Entry Fee

Room and housing options

  • 1-bedroom apartments
  • 2-bedroom apartments
  • Companion Suites We Do Not Offer Companion Suites
  • Studio Apartments
  • Housing Extra Junior Suites

Dining options

  • In Room Kitchenette
  • Dining Room Shared Meals


  • Beauty Barber Shop
  • Computer Room
  • Resident Transportation
  • Party Space
  • Garden And Patio
  • Resident Parking
  • Pool
  • Features Extra Library, Fitness Room/Gym

Cleaning services

  • Laundry For Linens
  • Private Cleaning Services
  • Housekeeping

Technology and entertainment

  • Cable In Rooms
  • Internet Enabled Rooms
  • Technology Extra Emergency Call System

Health services

  • Medication Management
  • Pharma


  • Offsite Activities
  • Music
  • Games
  • Stories
  • Religious Services
  • Lectures Discussions
  • Book Clubs
  • Wii Sports
  • Tai Chi
  • Fitness Room
  • Yoga
  • Gardening
  • Arts And Crafts
  • Activities Extra Computer Class

Financial guidance

  • Va Benefits Consultation
  • Financing Advice

Guest services

  • Guest Parking
  • Guests At Mealtime
  • Overnight Guests


  • Minimum Age 55
  • Pets Small Pets Allowed


  • Licenses Florida
  • State Licenses 7693

Location of The Preserve at Palm Aire

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