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Assisted Living in Wyoming

Seniors looking for a quiet retirement may find the mountainous beauty of Wyoming appealing. The country’s least-populated state is home to just 578,000 people and around 17% of residents are aged 65 and older. Although it’s a sparsely populated state, seniors can still access quality health care from hospitals such as the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.

Although it may not be the first state you think of when considering retirement, the 2024 Senior Living Report ranks it 12th in the nation. Wyoming also placed ninth for affordability, in part because there’s no state income tax, and property and sales tax rates are lower than the national averages. Assisted living costs are also below the U.S. median at $4,169 per month. Wyoming’s low crime rates and comfortable summer weather add to its attractiveness as a retirement destination.

This guide provides an overview of the cost of assisted living and other senior care options in the state. You can also find information about financial assistance for assisted living, rules and regulations for facilities and resources available to help seniors in Wyoming.

The Cost of Assisted Living in Wyoming

When trying to decide how to pay for assisted living, one of the first questions that comes up is "How much does it cost?" With the impact of inflation, it's more important than ever to have up-to-date information when making a financial plan for senior living. To help shed light on real senior living prices, has compiled proprietary cost data from its network of over 75,000 senior living providers to offer insight into the average cost of assisted living in Wyoming and its 1 cities.

The Cost of Assisted Living in Wyoming's Top Cities

Because assisted living prices vary in and around Wyoming, it's important that seniors fully weigh up their options. In Rock Springs, assisted living communities tend to charge around $5,000 per month. Costs fall across the borders, with average monthly rates of $4,463 in Idaho Falls, ID, and $4,297 in Rapid City, SD. At $3,620, the median cost in Denver, CO, is $1,380 less than Wyoming's average.



Rock Springs


Idaho Falls, ID


Rapid City, SD


Denver, CO


Inflation's Impact on the Cost of Assisted Living in Wyoming

Due to inflation, the cost of assisted living in Wyoming increased from $3,944 in 2022 to $5,000 in 2023 — a hefty spike of 27%. In comparison, the U.S. average rose by a smaller percentage (10%) from $4,070 to $4,459 during the same period. Most of the states neighboring Wyoming experienced cost increases, with a change of 14% in Idaho, 5% in Colorado and a modest 4% in Montana. However, assisted living rates dropped slightly by 2% in South Dakota, resulting in an average fee of $4,443 in 2023.

Location2022 Cost (Historical)2023 Cost (Current)2024 Cost (Estimated)
U.S. Average$4,070$4,459$4,802
South Dakota$4,514$4,443$4,732

The Costs of Other Types of Senior Living

Senior care costs differ depending on the level of care needed, necessary support services and specialized initiatives. Averaging $5,000 per month, assisted living generally runs lower than memory care, which stands at $6,020 per month in 2023. Independent living offers a more affordable solution, at around $2,065 per month.

Assisted Living


Memory Care


Independent Living


Does Medicaid Cover Assisted Living in Wyoming?

Although Medicaid in Wyoming doesn’t provide covered assisted living care directly, there’s a waiver program that can help pay for services received in an assisted living facility. The program provides either assisted living or home-based care to help seniors cover the cost of care in the community. It’s known as the Community Choices Home and Community Based Services Waiver, or CCW for short.

The CCW provides a range of services designed to delay a senior’s admission to a nursing home and is only available for those who need a high level of care. It does allow participants to choose their own providers, although this isn’t relevant for people who opt for assisted living. The waiver program has limited spots available, so some applicants may be put on a waiting list.

What Assisted Living Services Are Covered by Medicaid in Wyoming?

The CCW provides a range of long-term care services to people assessed as needing a nursing home level of care but who prefer to remain living in the community, whether at home or in an assisted living facility. This can include homemaker, personal care and medication management services. Wyoming Medicaid doesn’t cover the cost of room and board, and it’s also important to note that not all services are available in all areas. 

Assisted Living Waiver Programs in Wyoming

Community Choices Home and Community Based Services Waiver

The CCW program serves people aged 65 and older and those aged between 19 and 64 who have a disability that meets the Social Security Administration’s criteria. It provides services that help people remain living at home or in a community setting. 

To be eligible for the CCW program, applicants must meet certain criteria relating to their residency, finances and functional abilities. In particular, applicants must require a nursing home level of care and meet the financial eligibility requirements for the Medicaid Special HCBS Waiver Group. 

Participants are partnered with a case manager to determine their needs and arrange the necessary services. A core philosophy of the program is that participants should direct their own care. This means that you can choose whether to receive services in your home, the home of a relative or an assisted living facility. Your case manager can discuss your options and help you decide what’s right for you. 

Benefits of the program include personal care, meals, some skilled nursing services and personal emergency response systems. Assisted living is listed as a benefit. The department defines this as “personal care and supportive services in a residential setting and includes 24-hour on-site response to meet resident needs.” 

The application process for the CCW begins with a referral to the program. This is often made by the Client Services Unit when an individual applies for Medicaid, but can also be made by hospitals, seniors centers, family and friends. After being referred, you must complete applications for both Medicaid and the waiver before a determination can be made. If you wish to be referred to the program, contact the Benefits and Eligibility Specialist in your area or call the Long Term Care Eligibility Unit at (855) 203-2823. 

How To Know If You’re Eligible for Medicaid in Wyoming

Wyoming Medicaid is designed to help low-income people access health care coverage, so finances are one of the main eligibility criteria. The exact eligibility requirements depend on your circumstances and the program you’re applying for. 

A single person applying for the CCW must have an income less than $32,904 per year, with assets of less than $2,000. For married couples where both spouses are applying, the income limit is $54,808 and the asset limit is $3,000. 

When only one spouse is applying, the income limit is also $32,904 per year, and the asset limit is $2,000 for the applicant. However, the non-applicant spouse can have assets worth up to $148,620. They may also be entitled to a Minimum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance as established by the Spousal Impoverishment Act. This allows the applicant to transfer some of their income to their non-applicant spouse to ensure their living expenses can be met. 

Not all assets are counted when determining Medicaid eligibility. Personal belongings, a burial fund, life insurance policies and an automobile are generally excluded. If a non-applicant spouse remains living in the couple’s, it’s also exempt. 


Household SizeNumber of ApplicantsIncome Limits Per Year*Asset Limits: Applicant(s)Asset Limits: Non-Applicants
One Person1$32,904$2,000
Two People1$32,904**$2,000$148,620
Two People 2$65,808***$3,000

* Depending on the facility setting, a recipient may not be able to keep income up to this level.

** Income limit is for applicant only.

*** Income is limited to $2,742 per month per spouse.

To qualify for the CCW program, you must also be:


  • A Wyoming resident
  • A U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident who has lived in the United States for at least 5 years
  • Age 65 or older, blind or disabled
  • In need of a nursing home level of care


How To Apply for Medicaid in Wyoming

Seniors can apply for Medicaid via the online portal, by phone or by completing a paper application. Phone applications can be made by calling (855) 294-2127. Paper applications can be downloaded from the Department of Health website and returned to the customer service center in Cheyenne via fax, mail or in person.

After an application has been approved, participants complete an initial health assessment, which is a questionnaire about their needs and health. Older adults are often referred to the CCW after completing this questionnaire; however, you can also call the Community-Based Services Unit at (855) 203-2823 to request a referral.

Information You Will Need 

The Department of Health will ask for documentation to process your application. Generally, applicants must provide proof of:


  • Identity
  • Age
  • Citizenship or immigration status
  • Social Security Number
  • Income
  • Health insurance policies
  • Assets


How to Get Help Applying for Medicaid

Wyoming has a number of resources that can help older adults apply for Medicaid. The Medicaid office has customer service staff who can answer general questions, and a specialized team that assists with long-term care queries. The department has also published a handbook for people applying for and participating in the program. Finally, there’s a health insurance information program that can assist with Medicaid inquiries. 

ProgramContactServices provided
Medicaid Customer ServiceMedicaid: (855) 294-2127 Long Term Care Unit: (855) 203-2930Wyoming Medicaid has customer service staff members available to answer questions about applying for the program. They can assist you in applying for regular Medicaid, while the Long Term Care Unit can help if you’ve started an application for the waiver program.
Community Choices Waiver: Participant HandbookOnlineThe CCW Participant Handbook has detailed information about the waiver, including benefits and eligibility criteria. It also describes the application process, provides information about how to make a referral and lists contact numbers for starting a waiver application.
Wyoming State Health Insurance Information Program(800) 856-4398WSHIIP has over 80 volunteers spread across the state who can help seniors understand their health insurance options, including Medicaid, Medicare and long-term care insurance. This is a free service, and the trained counselors provide unbiased, confidential advice and help solve health insurance problems.

Does Medicare Cover Assisted Living in Wyoming?

The short answer is that no, Medicare does not cover the cost of assisted living in Wyoming. Assisted living facilities are considered to be a “residential setting” and not a “clinical setting,” (think nursing homes). While Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of care received in an assisted living community, it does still cover things like approved medications, doctor visits, medical equipment, etc., just like it would if you lived at home.

For more information about when Medicare can be used to pay for senior living in a nursing home, and for Medicare-related resources, see our guide to Nursing Homes in Wyoming.

Other Financial Assistance Options for Assisted Living in Wyoming

Seniors who are not eligible (due to location, financial situation, or other factors) for other types of financial assistance, do still have some options. See the table below for an overview of some of the most common ways to make Assisted Living affordable.

Aid and AttendanceLearn more and apply online at who receive a VA pension may also be eligible for the Aid and Attendance benefit, a monthly cash allowance that veterans receive in addition to their standard pension amount. The benefit is intended for veterans in need of long-term care services and may be used towards paying for Assisted Living.
Reverse MortgagesLearn more about your options and how to apply at ftc.govIf you own a home, you may be able to use a reverse mortgage to help pay for Assisted Living. Reverse mortgages are loans that one can take out against the value of their home, essentially converting some of the home's equity into cash. Reverse mortgage loans do need to be repaid with interest, typically within 12 months of receiving the loan.
Long-Term Care (LTC) InsuranceLearn more about Long-Term Care Insurance and how to apply for a policy at who already have long-term care insurance may be able to use it to pay for Assisted Living. Most policies cover at least a portion of the cost, but it depends on the specific policy terms. Note that older adults who are already in need of Assisted Living will not typically be eligible to sign up for a LTC insurance policy.

Free and Low-Cost Resources for Seniors in Wyoming

There are many resources in Wyoming that assist seniors in their retirement. has compiled information on local organizations, programs and agencies and categorized them into care types for easy reference.

Area Agency on Aging

Retirees can find support and advice on various senior-related issues from their local Area Agency on Aging. The agency provides advice on topics such as financial assistance programs, in-home care and long-term care planning. It also connects seniors and caregivers with community-based resources.

Program NamePhone NumberDescription
Wyoming Aging Advisory Council800-442-2766Wyoming's Area Agencies in Aging provide essential care for older adults, including assistance for caregivers, nonemergency medical and nonmedical services, such as home-delivered meals, disease prevention and home care help. Home services include coordination of services, personal grooming assistance and vital homemaker assistance for daily living activities. These services help seniors maintain a good quality of life in Wyoming and age in place.

Cash Assistance Programs

Cash assistance programs in Wyoming provide financial support to help low-income retirees remain in their own homes for as long as possible. Seniors and caregivers can apply for tax rebates and reductions, discounts on vital services and help covering the cost of heating and cooling their home.

Program NamePhone NumberDescription
Wyoming Lifeline Program800-234-9473The LifeLine Program offers a discount on landline or mobile telephone service, ensuring that participants can stay in contact with loved ones.
Wyoming TANF/POWER307-856-6522Wyoming TANF/POWER assists low-income seniors who are primary caregivers of minors. The program's benefits include free child support assistance, monthly cash payments and help finding employment and other forms of financial stability. To apply, seniors must be responsible for children under 18, and households must meet specific income requirements. Applicants must also be U.S. citizens, legal aliens or qualified aliens. Wyoming TANF/POWER also supports those who need interim help while recovering from illness.

Food Assistance Programs

Local organizations help ensure elderly citizens have a balanced diet and receive essential vitamins and minerals to remain healthy. Through nutrition programs, congregate meals, home-delivered meals and food pantries, these programs help Wyoming seniors afford the nutritious food they need.

Program NamePhone NumberDescription
Wyoming Food Bank877-265-2172Wyoming Food Bank works with partner agencies and programs in every Wyoming county to distribute food parcels to eligible seniors. As part of the Commodity Supplemental Food Program that aims to improve seniors' health by supplementing their nutrition, the food bank provides low-income adults over age 60 with monthly home deliveries containing nonperishable protein, fruits, vegetables, milk and other shelf-stable foods. Seniors may also be eligible to receive fresh produce, dairy and bread.
Wyoming Meals on WheelsMeals on Wheels is a food assistance organization that helps homebound older adults meet their nutritional needs with regular meal delivery. Planned by registered dietitians, provided entrees may improve seniors' health and sense of independence. This organization operates throughout Wyoming via individual programs designed to assist those aged 60 and over in their local communities. Interested seniors must apply and undergo an assessment of need. Some programs may require referrals from doctors or social workers.
Wyoming Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)307-777-5846The Wyoming Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is a monthly benefits program designed to help low-income adults aged 60 and older buy food. Eligible seniors receive electronic cards that they can use to purchase food at stores across Wyoming, including Walmart. To be considered, applicants must have less than $3,750 worth of resources unless they receive Supplemental Security Income or POWER/Tribal TANF. Seniors can apply by completing and submitting an application at their local DFS office.

Free Used Medical Equipment

Due to the high cost of purchasing new medical equipment, several organizations in Wyoming collect lightly used medical devices such as wheelchairs, ramps and walkers and distribute them to local seniors and residents in need.

Program NamePhone NumberDescription
Wyoming Life Resource Center800-294-1888The Center maintains a library of durable medical equipment and therapeutic devices. All Wyoming residents are welcome to make use of the library. Financial donations are welcomed but not demanded
Wyoming Assistive Technology Resources888-989-9463The University of Wyoming maintains a durable medical equipment closet that is open to all residents. Seniors can request loans of wheelchairs, walkers and other assistive devices.

Home Repair and Modifications

Seniors and those with disabilities can access a variety of local resources to help them pay for home repairs and modifications. Programs in Wyoming have different eligibility criteria and often assist retirees by providing grants or loans.

Program NamePhone NumberDescription
Wyoming Section 504 Home Repair Program307-233-6799Low-income homeowners in Casper, WY, can benefit from the Section 504 Home Repair Program run by the USDA Rural Development Department. The program provides loans and grants to help seniors remain in their own homes. These loans can be used to repair houses, address health hazards or improve curb appeal. To qualify, individuals must be 62 or older, reside in their own homes, be unable to obtain credit and have an income that falls below the county's limit.

Social Security Offices

Social Security offices in Wyoming help seniors and disabled people access the benefits they're entitled to. Older adults can contact their local office for information about receiving retirement benefits, disability allowance and Supplemental Security Income.

Program NamePhone NumberDescription
Wyoming Social SecuritySocial Security is a source of income available to retirees and people who can no longer work because of a disability. The money for Social Security comes from a payroll tax levied on employers, employees and self-employed individuals. When you retire, you'll receive monthly payments based on how much you earned when you were working.

Tax Assistance

Seniors can apply for tax assistance from several Wyoming resources. Elderly residents and those with disabilities could be eligible for tax exemptions on medical expenses, reductions on property tax and other tax assistance programs.

Program NamePhone NumberDescription
Wyoming Veteran's Property Tax Exemption Program307-777-5200This program is run by the local county assessor and is funded by the state of Wyoming. This property tax assistance is the state of Wyoming's way of recognizing and helping those who fought for the United States. Honorably discharged military veterans who served during the Korea, Vietnam, WWI and WWII wars may qualify for property tax exemption. Disabled veterans, surviving spouses and those who received campaign medals during armed conflict in countries other than the United States also qualify.

Utility & Energy Bill Assistance

Low-income seniors who are struggling to meet the costs of maintaining their homes can find support from organizations that offer assistance with utility and energy bills. Wyoming retirees could also qualify for emergency funding programs if they're in danger of losing utility services due to unpaid invoices.

Program NamePhone NumberDescription
Wyoming Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP)800-246-4221The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program provides support for families who are struggling to cover their utility bills during the coldest months of the year. The program also offers emergency financial assistance for families that are at risk of having their utility supply cut off or have already been disconnected.

Veteran's Services

Wyoming retirees who have served in the U.S. military can find support from local veteran services. These offices and organizations help vets access the benefits they're eligible for and provide advice and information on a variety of issues.

Program NamePhone NumberDescription
Wyoming VA Benefits and Health CareWyoming VA Benefits and Health Care ensures senior veterans in Wyoming get access to the specialized veterans' support they need. Cheyenne and Sheridan have VA Medical Centers providing specialist health care, alongside outpatient clinics located throughout the state. The Cheyenne Vet Center offers confidential help to senior vets, including counseling for mental health issues such as depression and PTSD. Eligible veterans can also contact the VA benefits administration for access to adaptive equipment and housing.

Assisted Living Laws and Regulations in Wyoming

Healthcare Licensing and Surveys, a division of the Wyoming Department of Health, licenses and conducts inspections of assisted living facilities in the state. Facilities must comply with the state regulations regarding, staffing and buildings to ensure a high standard of care is provided to residents.

Assisted Living Service Plan Requirements A registered nurse must conduct an initial assessment of each resident’s needs on admission to determine their functional capacity, physical condition and ability to perform ADLs. Assessments must be completed at least annually. These assessments are used to create a personalized plan outlining the services to be provided. 
Assisted Living Admission Requirements Residents must have a history and physical examination completed by a physician within 90 days prior to admission. Upon admission, the facility must confirm the resident’s medication regimen and any special treatment required. All new residents must be screened for TB, flu and pneumococcal immunization at the time of admission unless it's contraindicated. 
Assisted Living Scope of Care Core services offered by assisted living facilities include providing meals, housekeeping, personal and laundry services in a safe, clean environment. Communities must also provide assistance with local transportation and obtaining health care and social services. All assisted living facilities must offer recreational activities. 
Assisted Living Medicaid Policy The Community Choices Waiver can help Medicaid-eligible residents of Wyoming fund assisted living care. This waiver doesn’t pay for room and board and spots in the program are limited. Assisted living facilities can't accept Medicaid-based subsidies, so individuals should ask about acceptable payment options before deciding on a facility. 
Assisted Living Facility Requirements The size of sleeping accommodations are regulated for both single- and multiple-bed rooms. Multiple-bedrooms can only sleep two residents, no matter the size. Two residents may share a single-bed room if they wish, as long as the bed provided is at least a double size. There must be at least one toilet for every two beds, and one shower or bathtub for every 10 beds. All multiple-story buildings must have an elevator. In addition, the building must be accessible to a physician or emergency medical services within a 30-minute drive. 
Medication Management Regulations Facilities must keep individual records for each resident that notes the dates and times of each prescription drug administered. All prescription medications must be dispensed from a licensed pharmacy.  A medication review must be conducted by an RN every 2 months or when medications are changed or new ones prescribed. The RN is responsible for the supervision and management of medication administration according to state laws. Unlicensed staff can only provide assistance, for example opening pill bottles.
Staffing Requirements There must be enough staff on-site to meet the needs of a facility's residents and ensure an appropriate level of care is provided. There must be at least one RN, licensed practical nurse or certified nursing assistant on duty each shift. In addition, there must be at least one staff member awake at all times. 
Staff Training Requirements New staff members must receive an orientation that covers resident rights, evacuation and emergency procedures. They must also receive training and supervision designed to improve the care of residents.  Facility managers must have completed post-secondary education in health care, elder care or a related subject. Alternatively, they can have at least 2 years of experience working with elderly or disabled individuals. 
Background Checks for Assisted Living All staff must successfully complete the State of Wyoming Division of Family Services Central Registry Screening before they have direct contact with residents. 
Requirements for Reporting Abuse Allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation must be reported to the resident’s family or a responsible party. These instances should also be reported to the local police or sheriff’s department or by calling Adult Protective Services at (800) 457-3659.  

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