Though medical alert devices are very durable and designed to withstand normal wear-and-tear, they are electronics, and a bad drop can damage the device. In these situations, some companies require users to pay a steep fee to repair or replace the device they broke. ResponseNow offers an alternative solution with their Care(+) Protection Plan. The plan costs  $3.95 a month, and is essentially insurance for broken devices. Customers with the Care(+) Protection Plan can simply request a new device if theirs breaks for any reason, and ResponseNow will send them a new one, free of charge. The plan also covers replacement for lost or stolen devices. For seniors who have a history of breaking or losing electronics in the past, the Care(+) Protection Plan can save them a significant amount of money.

Additionally, ReponseNow takes full responsibility for swiftly repairing or replacing any faulty equipment, and handling maintenance tasks like battery replacement. This service is free for all ResponseNow customers. Users can have peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to their device, ResponseNow will repair or replace it quickly and without any fees.

In the HomeBelleBelle+
Monthly Cost$29.95$39.95$49.95
One-time feesN/A$35$35
Type of DeviceIn-homeMobileMobile
Battery Life24-hour backup30 days5 days
Water ResistantYesYesYes
Range500 feetN/AN/A
Fall Detection$11.95 a monthNot availableIncluded in monthly cost

ResponseNow’s Plans

In the Home


In the Home costs $29.95 a month when paid for monthly. Customers may also choose to pay for their service quarterly, which costs $27.95 a month, or annually for $24.95 a month. The annual and quarterly plans include shipping, but the monthly plan does not. Other than shipping, there are no one-time fees. Fall detection is available for an additional $11.95 a month.

Device Information

In the Home is a landline-based system, with no option for cellular connection, so users must have a landline in their home. The system includes a base station with a 24-hour backup battery, a 500-foot range and one waterproof wearable help button. Users can choose to wear the help button as a pendant or a wristband.



The monthly price for Belle is $39.95 a month with a monthly plan. Quarterly and annual plans save users several dollars per month, and include free shipping. All customers must pay a one-time $35 activation fee. Fall detection is not available with this device.

Device Information

Belle is an all-in-one mobile device designed for active seniors. The device uses AT&T’s cellular network to connect to the monitoring center, so it works anywhere with cellular service, both inside and outside of the home. The lightweight device is worn around the neck, and is waterproof so users can wear it in the shower. Charge time for the Belle is only three hours, and the device has an impressive battery life of 30 days.



Belle+ costs $49.95 a month with a monthly plan, $47.95 a month with a quarterly plan, or $44.95 a month with an annual plan. There is a $35 activation fee for all customers, and those who choose the monthly payment plan must also pay for shipping. Fall detection is included in the monthly cost.

Device Information

Belle+ is an upgraded version of the Belle device. It is another waterproof, all-in-one mobile system that connects to the monitoring center using AT&T cellular service. This system also has GPS location tracking, which allows users’ loved ones to track the location of the device. Belle+ also includes fall detection, which is not available with the standard Belle. The battery life of the Belle+ is five days, and charge time is 3 hours.

Starting Costs and Contracts

Some ResponseNow users may have to pay one-time fees. While quarterly and annual plans include free ground shipping, the monthly plan does not, so customers must pay $14.95 for ground shipping. Additionally, both of the Belle devices have a $35 activation fee, but there is no activation fee for the in-home device. There are no other device or installation fees.

There are no long-term contracts or cancellation fees. All users are eligible for a 30-day money back guarantee, so if they are unsatisfied with their device they can return it for a full refund within the first 30 days of service.


ResponseNow monitoring services are entirely U.S.-based, and UL-listed. According to the ResponseNow website, it takes an average of 30-60 seconds for an operator to come on the line after a user presses their help button.

When users sign up for service with ResponseNow, they provide information for emergency contacts. Upon calling the emergency monitoring center, operators will ask if the caller needs emergency medical assistance or if they would like the operator to call the listed emergency contacts. This option can make seniors feel more comfortable using their button, as some may be hesitant to do so when they do need some help but do not need emergency medical assistance.

Caregiver Tools and Extra Features

Device Tracking

Caregivers and family members of Belle+ users can locate their loved one’s device by texting “Find [loved one’s name]” to a designated number. This can relieve some anxiety for caregivers who may worry about their loved one getting hurt or lost while out on their own, and can be lifesaving if the user tends to wander. This feature is only available with the Belle+, not the standard Belle device.

Optional Devices

ResponseNow users may opt to add the following devices to their service plan:

  • Care(+) Protection Plan: This protection plan covers the cost of device replacement or repair if the device is broken or lost for any reason. It costs an additional $3.95 a month, but users with the Care(+) protection plan pay nothing if they need their device repaired or replaced.
  • Lockbox: Lockboxes provide a secure place for seniors to store a spare key to their home for emergency services. They can keep the lock code on file with ResponseNow, and operators will provide emergency services with the code upon dispatch. A lockbox can be added to users’ service plans for $3.95 a month. Annual subscribers receive a lockbox with their device free of charge.  

Who Should Consider ResponseNow

Seniors Likely to Break or Lose Their Device

The Care(+) Protection Plan offers coverage for device repair and replacement for any reason- even if the user is at fault. This is a great program for seniors who may be somewhat clumsy, or have a history of breaking their electronics or losing things. Rather than have to pay for a new device, RespnoseNow users with the Care(+) Protection Plan will not have to pay anything to get their device replaced. If you or your loved one tends to misplace or break things often, this program can be a huge money saver.

Active Seniors

Both the Belle and Belle+ are good device options for active seniors who spend a lot of time outside of the home, as they work anywhere with AT&T cellular service. The Belle is a particularly good fit for seniors on-the-go due to its battery life of 30 days, which is significantly longer than all other mobile devices on the market. The long battery life means that active seniors do not need to worry about finding time each day to charge their device, and can go long stretches on a single charge, even while traveling.

Seniors with a Fixed Income

All ResponseNow service plans come with a lifetime price-lock. That means that the price users pay for their first billing cycle will be the price they pay for the entire length of their service with ResponseNow. This price-lock guarantee keeps things simple for seniors with a fixed income, as they can plan ahead and know exactly how much they will pay for monitoring services for years to come.

ResponseNow Compared with Top Medical Alert Systems

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