Aloe Care Health is a relative newcomer to the medical alert industry. Its technologically advanced systems offer a different experience than traditional personal medical alert systems, and is particularly useful for seniors who are aging in place and their families. The secure Aloe Care Health mobile app allows caregivers and family members of users to easily collaborate in one centralized place. As more older adults choose to age in place, this type of remote caregiving feature will only become more valuable. 

Aloe Care currently has four different service plans, ranging in size from a single portable device to a comprehensive, in-home and on-the-go package. All service plans include free access to the Aloe Care Health app for users and an unlimited number of loved ones and caregivers. The company does have higher starting costs than most other medical alert companies we’ve reviewed; however, its plans include some advanced features that other companies upcharge for, and monthly monitoring costs are below average. 

Pros and Cons of Aloe Care Health Medical Alert Systems

All plans include access to a caregiver app for an unlimited number of users, making collaborative care easierAll plans have one-time device purchase fee ranging from $100-$300, depending on the service package
The Mobile Companion portable device is one of the most affordable on the marketNo discounts available for longer payment periods
Many premium features included in devices’ base price

Aloe Care Health’s Plans

Mobile CompanionEssentialsEssentials PlusTotal Care
Monthly Cost$24.99$29.99$39.99$49.99
One-time fees$99.99$149.99$249.99$299.99
Type of DeviceMobile SystemIn-home systemIn-home and mobile systemIn-home and mobile system
Battery Life4-5 days4-6 hour backup 4-5 days for mobile unit, 4-6 hour backup for in-home system 4-5 days for mobile unit, 4-6 hour backup for in-home system
Water ResistantYesYesYesYes
RangeNationwide30 feet voice range; 200 feet button range NationwideNationwide
Fall DetectionIncluded in monthly costNot availableIncluded in monthly costIncluded in monthly cost

Mobile Companion

Aloe Care Health Mobile Companion


Aloe Care’s Mobile Companion can be purchased as a standalone device or as part of a larger service package. On its own, the device costs $24.99 a month, one of the least expensive portable medical alerts on the market. There is a one-time device purchase fee of $99.99. Users may also choose the Essentials Plus or Total Care packages, explained in more detail below, which include the Mobile Companion as part of the bundle. 

Device Information

The Mobile Companion is fully portable for on-the-go emergency protection. It uses AT&T’s LTE cellular network for nationwide coverage and includes on-demand location tracking for caregivers via the Aloe Care mobile app. The Mobile Companion is water-resistant, has a battery life of 4-5 days, and includes fall detection in the monthly cost. 



Aloe Care’s Essentials plan costs $29.99 a month plus a one-time purchase fee of $150. This includes a Smart Hub base, a wearable care button, and access to the secure mobile app for family members and caregivers. 

Device Information

Aloe Care’s Essentials plan offers emergency protection in the home and makes it easy for caregivers to collaborate with the Aloe Care mobile app. The proprietary Smart Hub is an advanced medical alert base station that can be activated either by pushing the wearable care button or via voice. Seniors can use the Smart Hub to contact both their care circle and the emergency response center, depending on the situation. It also allows two-way communication, as caregivers can place calls to the Smart Hub, too. The Smart Hub also has air quality and activity sensors built-in, and a 4-6 hour backup battery for emergencies like power outages. 

Essentials Plus

aloe care essentials plus


The Essentials Plus plan costs $29.99 a month plus a one-time fee of $250. The one-time purchase fee includes a Smart Hub base, a wearable care button, and a Mobile Companion device. 

Device Information

This plan offers emergency protection both in and out of the home. In the home, the Smart Hub provides protection during emergencies and air quality and movement monitoring. When on the go, users can bring along the Mobile Companion with on-demand location tracking and AT&T 4G LTE cellular service. 

Total Care


This is Aloe Care’s most expensive package at $49.99 a month plus a $300 one-time purchase fee. It includes all of the same features and devices as the Essentials Plus plan, as well as extra in-home motion sensors and fall sensors for even more protection in the home. 

Device Information

Total Care is a comprehensive monitoring system that offers extra in-home devices plus the on-the-go coverage of Aloe Care’s Mobile Companion. Like Essentials Plus, it includes a Smart Hub enabled for two-way communication and air quality and motion monitoring. To add to this in-home coverage, Total Care also includes two in-home motion sensors and a standalone fall sensor. These sensors do not have to be worn and can be placed anywhere in the home. If any falls or abnormal movement is detected, caregivers are notified via the mobile app. 

Starting Costs and Contracts

Aloe Care Health systems all have one-time device purchase fees, ranging from $99.99 for the Mobile Companion to $299.00 for the comprehensive Total Care system. This is higher than average for starting costs because most medical alert companies have customers lease their systems rather than purchase them. So, while there’s no purchase fee, if you forget to mail the equipment back to the company after your service ends you’ll likely face a high penalty charge. With Aloe Care’s device purchase model, you don’t need to worry about remembering to return your equipment in the future. 


Aloe Care Health systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the professional emergency call center. The response center is Five Diamond Certified by The Monitoring Association. 

When a user needs assistance, they have the option of either connecting with emergency operators or someone in their Care Circle. There is no limit to the number of contacts you can add to your care circle, making it easy for the whole family to stay involved in caregiving. 

Caregiver Tools and Extra Features

Caregiver Tools and Extra Features

Aloe Care Health App

The Aloe Care Health mobile app is designed to make collaboration among caregivers and family members easy and seamless. Aloe Care users can add an unlimited number of people to their Care Circle, who can then use the mobile app to view the user’s emergency calls, activity levels, location (with the mobile companion device), and more. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices and is included free of cost with all Aloe Care monitoring plans. 

Optional Devices

Aloe Care does not sell any standalone optional devices, but its systems include many advanced features, including automatic fall detection, on-demand location tracking, and air quality and motion monitoring. 

Who Should Consider Aloe Care Health

Caregiving Teams

Aloe Care Health provides a central platform for remote caregiving and collaboration with its mobile app, available to all Aloe Care users. Users may select an unlimited number of family members and caregivers to be in their Care Circle, meaning they can access the user’s profile and information on the app. The app shows users’ daily movements, locations, and any other useful information. No matter where they’re located, caregivers can use the app to communicate with one another, provide updates between shifts, and more. The app is free of charge for all Aloe Care users and their caregivers and family members. 

Active Seniors

Aloe Care’s mobile companion device costs just $24.99 a month, one of the least expensive options currently on the market. The low monthly fee includes several advanced features such as access to the mobile app, on-demand location tracking, and automatic fall detection. Seniors who are active and independent can use this small device for emergency protection anywhere nationwide with AT&T LTE cellular service. 

Seniors Who Live Alone

Essentials, Essentials Plus, and Total Care packages from Aloe Care include the proprietary Smart Hub for in-home use. The Smart Hub is a smart speaker that seniors use to contact the emergency monitoring center and their Care Circle. Unlike other base stations on the market, the Smart Hub is enabled for two-way contact. That means Care Circle members can actually place a call directly to the base station, which can make it easier to get in touch with some seniors when they aren’t answering their phones. Additionally, the Smart Hub’s built-in motion sensors show via the app when abnormal or a lack of movement is detected, so caregivers can see early on if something may be amiss with their loved one.