Rescue Alert’s Best Features

Upon signing up for monitoring service with Rescue Alert, all customers have their choice of a free lockbox or a second personal help button. This applies to all payment options – including the monthly plan. While many medical alert companies offer a free accessory with annual plans as an incentive for customers to sign on for longer service periods, it is rare that monthly plans include this perk. Rescue Alert customers can take advantage of this program even if they only wish to commit to monitoring service for a month at a time. Given that lockboxes or a second personal help button usually cost several dollars per month with other companies, medical alert users can save a substantial amount of money per year by choosing Rescue Alert.

MXDMXD3GRescue Alert GPS
Monthly Cost$32.95$42.95$44.95
One-time feesN/AN/AN/A
Type of DeviceIn-homeIn-homeMobile
Battery Life80-hour backup60-hour backup48+ hours
Water ResistantYesYesYes
Range600 feet600 feetN/A
Fall Detection$10 a month$10 a monthNot available

Rescue Alert’s Plans



MXD costs $32.95 a month with a monthly plan. The quarterly and annual plans are slightly less expensive per month, at $29.95 and $27.95, respectively. Customers may also choose to purchase the equipment, rather than rent it, for a one-time fee of $199 plus $15.95 a month for monitoring. The MXD also comes with the option of paying a one-time fee of $849; there is no recurring monthly cost for customers who choose this payment option. Fall detection is not included in the monthly price, but can be added to users’ service for $10 a month.

Device Information

This in-home system is landline-based, but is also compatible with VoIP and cable. So, users without a traditional landline may still choose this device (however, it should be noted that VoIP and cable connections are more susceptible to power outages and other connectivity issues than landlines). The system includes an in-home base station with a range of 600 feet and an 80-hour backup battery, and one waterproof wearable help button. Users may choose to receive a second personal help button as their free gift.



This system costs $42.95 a month with a monthly plan. Quarterly and annual payment plans are also available, and save customers a few dollars per month. Users also have the choice of purchasing the device for a one-time fee of $299, plus $25.95 a month for monitoring. Fall detection is available for an additional $10 a month.

Device Information

MXD3G is an in-home system that uses AT&T cellular service to connect to the monitoring center, making it ideal for seniors without a landline. Though the MXD system may connect with VoIP or cable in the absence of a landline, AT&T cellular is more reliable than the former options, which means users have the security of knowing that they will be able to reach the monitoring center whenever necessary. The MXD3G base station has a range of 600 feet and a 60-hour backup battery. All customers receive one waterproof and showerproof wearable help button with their service, and have the option of choosing a second personal help button as their free gift.

Rescue Alert GPS


Rescue Alert GPS costs $44.95 a month with a monthly plan. The quarterly plan costs $39.95 a month, and the annual plan comes out to $37.95 a month. There are no purchase or one-time payment options for this device, and fall detection is not available.

Device Information

This is an all-in-one mobile device that users can wear as a pendant or belt clip, or simply store in their pocket or purse. As Rescue Alert’s only portable device, this option is suited for active seniors who regularly travel or spend time outside of the home. Rescue Alert GPS uses AT&T 3G network to connect with the monitoring center, as well as GPS tracking to locate users during an emergency. The device battery lasts 48+ hours between charges, and is waterproof and shower-safe.

Starting Costs and Contracts

Rescue Alert does not charge any one-time fees. There are no device, activation, or installation fees, and shipping is included with all plans. Plus, all customers receive a free gift with their device.

There are no long-term contracts required, so customers may cancel their service at any time without paying a penalty. There is also a 30-day free trial period which allows customers to return their system for a full refund within the first 30 days of their service.


Rescue Alert operates its own ETL-certified monitoring centers, both of which are located in Utah. All operators undergo intensive training, similar to the training process for 9-1-1 operators. Many Rescue Alert operators are bilingual, and there are always Spanish-speaking operators on duty.

Upon signing up for Rescue Alert, customers provide information for an emergency contact. Users may choose to have the monitoring center immediately contact this person when they place an emergency call, or Rescue Alert operators can contact 9-1-1 first.

Optional Devices

Rescue Alert customers may add the following devices to their monthly monitoring services:

  • Lockbox: Users can store a spare key in a lockbox to provide emergency services with easy access to their home. Rescue Alert offers lockboxes as one of the free gift options, or users can purchase one for $39.99.
  • myActive Alert: myActive Alert is an automatic fall detection pendant that users can add to their service plan for $10 a month. The device is only compatible with the MXD and MXD3G; fall detection is not available for Rescue Alert GPS users.
  • Wall Buttons: Wall buttons can be placed anywhere in the home where users want extra protection. Like the personal help button, users can press their wall button to place a call to the emergency monitoring center. The wall buttons are waterproof so they may be placed in the bathroom or shower, and have a range of 600 feet from the MXD and MXD3G base (wall buttons are not compatible with Rescue Alert GPS). Users can add wall buttons to their service plan for $5 a month.

Who Should Consider Rescue Alert

Seniors Who Want to Keep Startup Costs Low

Some medical alert companies charge fees for device shipping, activation, or installation. Rescue Alert customers face no such costs- there are zero one-time fees. All payment plans for all devices also include free shipping and a free accessory (lockbox or second personal help button). There are no expensive startup costs, and the only thing users will ever be billed for is their monthly monitoring service and any optional add-on devices they select.

Bilingual Seniors

Rescue Alert employs many bilingual and multilingual emergency monitoring operators, and ensure that there are always Spanish speaking operators on duty. This can reduce a lot of anxiety for seniors who cannot or prefer not to speak English, who may worry about being able to communicate what they need during an emergency.

Couples or Roommates

Users of the MXD and MXD3G in-home devices may choose a second personal help button as their free gift. The additional button may be used for a second person who may then use the same base station and monitoring service contract as the initial subscriber, completely free of charge. This means two people who live in the same home can receive emergency monitoring service for the price of one, saving couples or roommates hundreds of dollars per year.

Rescue Alert Compared with Top Medical Alert Systems

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