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Philips Lifeline Best Features

For many seniors, it can be challenging to stick to a medication schedule. To help make things easier, several medical alert companies offer medication reminders, which sends an alert to the user when it is time to take their medication.

Philips Lifeline takes it one step further with their automated medication dispenser. Seniors can use the dispenser to actually store their medication and program it to dispense the right medication, at the right dose and time. Philips Lifeline’s automated medication dispenser is the easiest way to ensure your loved one is able to stick to their medication schedule, and that they take the proper medication – something that medication reminders alone cannot do. The Philips Lifeline device can hold up to 60 cups of medicine and dispense 6 doses per day, while Alert1’s medication dispenser dispenses a maximum of 4 doses per day.

HomeSafeHomeSafe with AutoAlertGoSafe 2GoSafe
Monthly Cost$29.95* $44.95*$44.95$54.95**
One-time fees$50$50$99.95$149
Type of DeviceIn-home systemIn-home systemMobile systemIn-home and mobile system
ConnectionLandline or CellularLandline or Cellular CellularLandline or Cellular
Battery Life48-hour backup48-hour backup2-3 days7 days; 48-hour backup
Water ResistantYesYesYesYes
Range500 feet500 feetN/AN/A
Fall DetectionNot availableIncludedIncludedIncluded

*The cellular model costs an extra $12 a month

**The cellular model costs an extra $10 a month

Philips Lifeline’s Plans



The HomeSafe costs $29.95 a month when used with a landline connection. It costs an extra $12 for an in-home cellular connection, bringing the monthly price to $41.95. There is also an activation fee of $50, as well as an installation fee that is required for all Philips Lifeline devices.

The standard HomeSafe system does not include fall detection. Fall detection is included with the HomeSafe with Auto Alert system, which costs $44.95 a month with a landline connection. The cellular option is once again an additional $12.

Device Information

The HomeSafe system includes an in-home base station and one waterproof, wearable help button that may be worn as a pendant or wristband. The base station has a range of 500 feet and a 48-hour backup battery. HomeSafe with Auto Alert includes the same in-home communicator with a special fall detection pendant rather than the standard wearable help button.

GoSafe 2


This portable device costs $44.95 a month, plus a one-time device fee of $99.95. Fall detection is included in the monthly price. Customers must also pay for installation.

Device Information

GoSafe 2 is an all-in-one mobile device. The lightweight device is worn as a pendant, and has fall detection capabilities. GoSafe 2 has a battery life of 2-3 days between charges, and is waterproof so it may be worn in the shower. The device uses a combination of GPS, WiFi signals, and other technologies for location tracking.



The GoSafe costs $54.95 a month for the landline-based in-home system. The cellular in-home system costs an extra $10 a month. The monthly price includes fall detection, but customers do have to pay a one-time device fee of $149 and an installation fee.

Device Information

GoSafe is a bundle package of an in-home communicator and GoSafe 2 mobile button. Users do not receive a separate wearable help button for in the home; the Gosafe 2 automatically connects with the in-home base station when it is in range. When outside of the home, the GoSafe 2 functions as normal. This system is designed for active seniors who need on-the-go coverage, but also want an extra layer of protection in the home.

Starting Costs and Contracts

All Philips Lifeline customers must pay for device installation. There are two options: self-installation costs $19.95, or a Philips technician can install the device for $99. Both of these options include shipping costs.

Philips Lifeline does not require long-term contracts, and customers who return their device within 30 days receive a refund for their monitoring costs. However, the device, activation, and installation fees are not refundable. There are no cancellation fees for customers who used their device, but the company does charge a $50 restocking fee to those who ordered a device but never used it or plugged it in.


Philips Lifeline devices are monitored by the Philips Response Center. There are Response Centers located in the U.S. and Canada. All facilities have backup systems in place to maintain their own power even during a major power outage. According to the Philips Lifeline website, the average call response time is 12 seconds.  

The Response Centers maintain a team of 200 Response Associates to monitor emergency calls. All Response Associates undergo 80 hours of intensive training. Many associates speak Spanish, and all associates also have access to an interpreter service to provide support in over 140 languages.

Caregiver Tools and Extra Features

Automated Medication Dispensing

The Philips Automated Medication Dispensing device allows users to store medications in the dispenser and program their medication schedules. At the set times, the device will play a reminder alert. Users can then press the button on the device, and it will dispense the pre-loaded medication. The dispenser can hold up to 60 cups of medicine, and release six doses per day. The device also can be programmed to send alerts to caregivers or family members of the user if they ever miss a dose, providing peace of mind. The Automated Medication Dispenser costs $59.95 a month, plus an installation fee of $99.  

Optional Devices

In addition to the automated medication dispenser, Philips Lifeline offers the following add-on devices:

  • Lockbox: Users can store a spare key to their home in a lockbox to ensure easy access for emergency services. Lockboxes may be purchased from Philips Lifeline for $29.95.
  • Voice Extension: The voice extension is an extra in-home communicator that increases the range of HomeSafe devices. A voice extension box may be added to one’s monthly plan for $10 a month.

Who Should Consider Philips Lifeline

Seniors With Complex Medication Schedules

The Automated Medication Dispenser is a great tool for seniors with complex medication schedules. Not only does it remind users to take their medication, but also dispenses the proper dose of the medication. This device can greatly simplify life for seniors who take a lot of medications, and provides peace of mind for their caregivers and loved ones.

Seniors with Large Homes

Philips Lifeline offers a voice extension box for its in-home systems. The voice extension box increases the device’s range by about 1,500 feet, and is ideal for seniors with larger homes who worry that the standard range may not cover their entire house.

Multilingual Seniors/Seniors Who Prefer a Language Other than English

Monitoring center operators have access to a translation service, which allows them to provide support in over 140 languages. This service ensures that emergency help is easily available for all users, even if they do not or prefer not to speak English.

Phillips Lifeline Compared with Top Medical Alert Systems

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