LifeStation Best Features

Some medical alert companies may seem like they offer a good price for their services, but then surprise customers with hidden fees that can greatly raise their total cost. LifeStation keeps things simple and affordable for customers with very low starting fees. Most LifeStation customers actually will not pay any one-time fees – all of their service plans include free shipping, and most have zero device or activation fees.

The only plan that has a one-time fee is the Standard package for the Mobile with GPS device. Customers who choose this plan will pay an activation fee of $50, which is still much lower than some competitors. Comparable mobile devices, such as the GoSafe from Philips Lifeline, carry device fees of $90 or more, and may not include free shipping. Given how quickly one-time fees can add up, choosing a company with low initial fees like LifeStation is a smart move for customers looking to keep costs low.

In-Home TraditionalIn-Home PlusMobile with GPS
Monthly Cost$19.95$26.95$24.95
One-time FeesN/AN/AN/A
Type of DeviceIn-home systemIn-home systemMobile system
Battery Life48-hour backup48-hour backup5 days
Water ResistantYesYesYes
Range1,000 feet650 feetN/A
Fall Detection$10 a month$5 a month$5 a month

LifeStation’s Plans

In-Home Traditional


The In-Home Traditional is LifeStation’s least expensive system, at $19.95 a month with the Standard package. Fall detection is not available with the Standard plan, but it is included with the Select and Supreme packages, which cost $24.95 a month and $34.95 a month, respectively.

Device Information

This is an in-home, landline-based device, so users must have a landline connection in their home (there is no cellular option for this system). The system includes a base station with a range of up to 1,000 feet, a 48-hour backup battery and one wearable help button that may be worn as a necklace or wristband. The wearable help button is waterproof and may be worn in the shower.

In-Home Plus


This system costs $26.95 a month with a Standard package. The Select plan costs $31.95 a month, and the Supreme plan costs $41.95. Fall detection is not included with the Standard plan; both the Select and Supreme packages include fall detection.

Device Information

The In-Home Plus, a cellular-based system, is LifeStation’s option for seniors who want in-home protection but do not have a landline connection in their home. Other than the connection type and shorter range (650 feet), the In-Home Plus has all of the same features as the In-Home Traditional.

Mobile with GPS


LifeStation’s mobile device costs $24.95 a month with the Standard plan. The Select and Supreme packages are more pricey, at $29.95 and $34.95, respectively. However, the Select and Supreme packages include fall detection, and come with free activation. Customers who choose the Standard plan for this device must pay a one-time activation fee of $50.

Device Information

Mobile with GPS is LifeStation’s portable device option. It is an all-in-one device, so users do not need to wear a separate personal help button. The device uses cellular service for calls to the monitoring center and GPS and WiFi signals for location tracking, and works anywhere with a cellular connection. Mobile with GPS has a battery life of 5 days, and can be worn in the shower.

Starting Costs and Contracts

The majority of LifeStation customers will not pay any one-time fees. The only people who pay an activation fee are those who choose the Standard package for the Mobile with GPS device; no other plans for any of the devices have any one-time fees. All packages for all devices also include free shipping.

There are no long-term contracts required, and users may cancel their service at any time without paying a penalty. Customers may have to pay return shipping to send their device back to LifeStation.


LifeStation’s monitoring services are completely U.S.-based, with call centers they own and operate in New Jersey and Texas. The monitoring centers are UL-listed.

All operators, referred to as Care Specialists, undergo a six-week intensive training program and are TMA certified. According to the LifeStation website, the average response time is approximately 20 seconds.

Caregiver Tools and Extra Features

LifeStation Find My Loved One

Find My Loved One allows emergency contacts of Mobile with GPS users to easily locate their loved one. Anyone on the emergency contact list can text a designated number “Find” and their loved one’s name, and they will be sent a link to a map that shows the user’s location in real-time. Find My Loved One is free for all Mobile with GPS users and their emergency contacts.

Location Tracking

LifeStation’s mobile device uses a combination of GPS and WiFi signals for location tracking. Location tracking makes it easy for Care Specialists to locate users during an emergency, and can be accessed by emergency contacts at any time.

Optional Devices

LifeStation offers several optional add-on devices for customers to add to their service package, including:

  • Lockboxes: Lockboxes allow emergency services to easily enter users’ home. Users can keep a key in the lockbox and keep the code on file with LifeStation Care Specialists. A lockbox can be added to users’ service package for $2.99 a month.
  • Extra Help Button: LifeStation in-home devices come with one free personal help button. For $3.99 a month, users can add an additional help button, which allows a second person to use the same monitoring system.
  • Mountable Help Button: Mountable help buttons can be placed anywhere in the home, and function as additional personal help buttons. They are especially useful in high-risk areas, such as the bathroom. The buttons are available for $2.49 a month per button.

Who Should Consider LifeStation

Couples or Seniors Who Live Together

LifeStation’s in-home systems come with one free personal help button, and customers can add a second to their package for $3.99 a month. The second button allows another person to use the same monitoring system, essentially covering two people for the price of one. This is a great deal for couples, roommates, or other seniors who live in the same home, and can cut the price of emergency monitoring in half for some families.

Seniors Who Are Likely to Damage or Lose Their Device

The Select and Supreme service packages for all devices include a protection plan, which covers replacement costs for damaged or lost devices. For seniors with pets or young grandchildren, or who may just have a tendency to drop, spill beverages on, or otherwise damage or lose their electronics, the protection plan can be a huge money-saver. The protection plan costs just $5 a month, and will prevent customers from having to pay for a new device if theirs is damaged or lost.

Seniors Who Are Prone to Wandering

LifeStation’s Mobile with GPS device comes with free access to the Find My Loved One program. Find My Loved One allows emergency contacts of Mobile with GPS users to easily find their loved one’s exact location on a map. This feature may be particularly useful for seniors with memory impairment who are prone to wandering. If a caregiver or family member of the user cannot get in touch with their loved one or fears that they may be lost, they’ll be able to quickly find them on a map (so long as the user is wearing their device).

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