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Lexie Hearing, a division of hearX Group, launched in 2020 with two premium, FDA-registered hearing aids: the Lexie Lumen and the Lexie B1. Both devices include a cell phone app and remote care service to create a customized listening experience. Pricing starts at $799 per pair and the company offers a monthly subscription payment plan starting at $42 per month for 24 months.

Lexie offers the industry’s best rewards program, incentivizing customers to use their hearing aids. Users can earn reward points for wearing their device and reaching certain activity goals. This helps new wearers adjust to using their hearing aid and calibrate it for ideal sound quality. Reward points can be exchanged for discounts on monthly subscription costs or in-app purchases. The Lexie reward program creates an incentive for device usage and app utilization.

What You Should Know About Lexie Hearing Aids

The Lexie series of hearing aids provides a wealth of benefits to users with mild to severe hearing loss. Here are just a few things to know about the company’s products:

  •  Lexie offers two hearing aids: The Lexie Lumen and the Lexie B1.
  •  The company provides a comprehensive hearing app for Lexie users to customize their hearing aid experience.
  • Lexie offers remote assistance, providing access to a Lexie expert whenever assistance is needed.
  • The company offers a rewards program that gives users discounts for wearing their hearing aid and utilizing its features.
  • The Lexie Lumen costs $799 per pair or can be purchased via 24 monthly payments of $42, plus a one-time security payment of $149.
  •  The Lexie B1 costs $899 per pair or can be purchased via 24 monthly payments of $49, plus a one-time security payment of $199.

Lexie Audiologist Safety Score worked with two expert audiologists to research and evaluate popular hearing aid brands for safety. The resulting Safety Scores are calculated using a system of three core metrics and 11 subcategories covering access to professional care, accuracy of the brands’ hearing tests, and more. You can find a detailed explanation of’s Hearing Aid Safety Scores by reading our Methodology

Lexie Safety Score:

Hearing Test & Consultation:

Lexie offers an initial “hearing check” which our audiologists found to be somewhat inaccurate. The full hearing test is not conducted until patients receive the hearing aids in their home, and we have been unable to verify the accuracy of the in-home test.

Fitting & Follow-Up Care:

Lexie’s approach to “fitting” is done in the home after purchasing the hearing aids. At this time, we’ve been unable to validate the safety of this approach. Lexie does offer remote programming and a fairly average 1-year warranty.

Device Safety:

While Lexie is fully licensed by the FDA, not enough documentation was provided to ensure that industry-leading safety measures, including safe decibel limiting, were utilized.

front of a silver lexie hearing aid

Lexie Hearing Aid Models

Lexie Hearing Aid Device Features


The Lumen

Lexie B1

Fit Type



Battery Size






Bluetooth Enabled



Directional Microphone



Noise Reduction



Feedback Reduction



Digital Sound Processing



Processing Channels






Auto-Adjusts to Changing Environments



Physical Volume Button



Physical Program Switch



Lexie Lumen

Lexie hearing aid in grey

The Lumen hearing aid is the company’s first hearing aid model. Sporting a telecoil, directional microphone, and digital sound processing, the Lumen makes it easy for wearers to hear sounds in their environment as well as over the phone. The high-grade microphones and six directional settings make it easy for processing sounds in various environments.

The Lumen comes with replacement batteries, a carrying case, several dome types and sizes, slim tubes, drying capsules, and other accessories. A pair costs $799 for an outright purchase. Alternately, customers can also choose to pay $42 per month for 24 months plus a one-time fee of $149.

Lexie Lumen Highlights

  • Device Type: Behind-the-ear device
  • Battery Type: 312-style battery
  • Standout Features: Bluetooth capabilities, feedback reduction, directional microphone
  • Custom Programming: Yes
  • Cost: $799 per pair or 24 monthly payments of $42 + one-time payment of $149

Pros and Cons of Lexie Lumen


  • Full-featured app for personal customization
  • Physical buttons for easy volume changes
  • Automatic adjustments based on environment
  • Six processing channels


  • Must be bought in a pair
  • No rechargeable battery

Lexie B1

The Lexie B1 Powered by Bose provides exceptional audio quality unlike any other hearing aid. The Bose-powered receivers process sound through high-quality technology that has never been featured in a hearing aid. The four preset environments make it easy for users to set their hearing aid to fit their current location.

The Lexie B1 has Bluetooth connectivity and can be connected to any Bluetooth device. The Lexie app works with the B1 hearing aids, providing users with the ability to customize their hearing experience. The company also offers remote support from experts who can help the user tune their hearing aid for optimal sound.

Lexie B1 Highlights

  • Device Type: Receiver-in-canal device
  • Battery Type: 312-style battery
  • Standout Features: Bluetooth capabilities, bose-powered receivers, fully-featured app
  • Custom Programming: Yes
  • Cost: $899 per pair or 24 monthly payments of $49 + one-time payment of $199

Pros and Cons of Lexie B1


  • Bose-powered speaker system
  • Connects to Lexie app
  • Unlimited support from Lexie experts
  • Store your preferred settings for easy adjustment


  • No music streaming
  • No phone call capability

Buying Hearing Aids from Lexie

Lexie sells their hearing aids directly to the consumer, cutting out the middleman to save the customer money. Buyers can visit the Lexie website to explore and purchase one of the company’s two hearing aids: the Lexie Lumen or the Lexie B1. Alternatively, customers can call (800) 499-1336 to place an order.

For customers who would rather purchase a hearing aid in person, Lexie has partnered with Walgreens Pharmacies to provide their hearing aids for sale. The company’s Walgreens Store Locator provides visitors with an interactive map that can direct them to their nearest pharmacy.

All Lexie hearing aids come with a 45-day risk-free trial period. If a customer is not fully satisfied with their hearing aid in the first 45 days, they can return them for a full refund. The company also provides free shipping, delivering hearing aids in as little as 4-6 days.

Lexie’s Mobile App and Accessories

Lexie Hearing App

Lexie provides customers with the Lexie Hearing app, a feature-rich app that allows users to customize their hearing experience. The app provides a step-by-step guide for setting up the hearing aids. It also offers program adjustments, volume adjustments, hearing checks, and battery level monitoring, among other features. Customers can also access their Lexie Rewards through the app.

Lexie Care

Available in the app, the Lexie Care program provides users with access to information, resources, and live support from Lexie assistants. Users can call or video chat with an employee at Lexie for on-demand assistance whenever they need it. Lexie Care also features self-guided troubleshooting guides and videos. Lexie hearing aid owners can be confident that they will have the help they need when they need it.

Hearing Library

Lexie provides users with a comprehensive Hearing Library of hearing-related topics. Users can learn about hearing aids, hearing loss, and hearing health. These resources can help users get the most out of their hearing aids as well as learn how to maintain their hearing health in the long run. The resources are available through the Lexie website as well as the Lexie Hearing app.

Lexie Hearing Aid Warranties and Repairs

Every pair of Lexie hearing aids comes with a 1-year warranty. With this warranty, if the hearing aids break within the first year, the customer can have them repaired or replaced. The warranty won’t cover loss or theft in full, but it will provide $120 per ear in these instances.

Every pair of Lexie hearing aids comes with a 45-day free trial period. If customers aren’t happy with their purchase, they can return them for a full refund within 45 days of purchase. Customers with a subscription plan can cancel at any time with no penalty; however, they will not be refunded for paid months after the 45-day trial period has ended.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lexie Hearing Aids

Can I buy Lexie hearing aids online?

Yes. Both the Lexie Lumen and the Lexie B1 hearing aids can be purchased online via the Lexie website.

Do Lexie hearing aids have Bluetooth connectivity?

Both the Lexie Lumen and the Lexie B1 are able to connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Are Lexie hearing aids rechargeable?

Lexie hearing aids feature 312-style batteries, which are not rechargeable. Lexie sends replacement batteries with the hearing aids.

How much do Lexie hearing aids cost?

The Lexie Lumen costs $799 for a pair, while the Lexie B1 costs $899 per pair. Alternatively, both hearing aids can be purchased through a 24-month payment plan.

What kind of features come with Lexie hearing aids?

Lexie hearing aids feature Bluetooth capabilities, noise reduction, environmental presets, directional microphones, and digital sound processing.

Do Lexie hearing aids include an app?

Lexie hearing aids include a fully-featured app that allows for total customization including volume control, environmental settings, and more.

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