The VA covers hearing aids for most people who meet basic eligibility requirements for VA benefits and have demonstrable hearing loss. This is important for many veterans, and their surviving spouses, who are unable to afford hearing devices, which can cost thousands of dollars.

Eligibility Requirements for Hearing Aids

To find out if a beneficiary has hearing loss, the VA provides diagnostic audiology for free. Hearing aids are covered if a state-licensed audiologist shows that using a hearing aid is medically necessary. This condition is met when the hearing impairment:

  • Prevents the person from carrying out activities of daily living
  • Resulted from a medical connection already covered by the VA
  • Interferes with obtaining or using medical services
  • Resulted from a service-related disability

Some veterans are automatically covered for hearing aids without hearing evaluation requirements, including Purple Heart recipients, former POWs, Title 38 beneficiaries, Aid & Attendance beneficiaries and those who have service-connected disabilities. These beneficiaries are expected to use their hearing aids only as needed. 

How Do I Get Hearing Aids from the VA?

Veterans who have been approved for hearing aid coverage can order their new devices directly through the VA as long as they are enrolled in the system. Ordering is available over the phone at (303) 273-6200, online at or through the mail with VA Form 2346a

Veterans can also order batteries for their devices as long as they remain eligible through the VA. In addition, beneficiaries can request a variety of accessories, including:

  • Wax guards
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Domes
  • Drying products

VA Hearing Aid Repairs

Veterans may experience a variety of issues with their hearing aids whether they are new or have been working for years. Quick tips that may solve these issues include visually examining the hearing aid for blockages, checking the batteries, toggling the settings and changing the volume. If none of these troubleshooting issues fix the problem, the beneficiary can send their broken hearing aids to the VA for repair. 

When a repair is needed, veterans should contact the VA audiology and speech pathology service that issued their hearing aids. They may be able to solve many types of problems through remote communication. If this does not resolve the problem, the VA Denver Logistics Center (DLC) can complete repairs in approximately 20 days. The VA provides instructions for sending hearing aids to the DLC.

Alternative Low-Cost Hearing Aids

If you’re not eligible for hearing aids through the VA, consider the following low-cost options.

  • Starts at $799 per pair
  • Behind-the-ear hearing aid with Bluetooth capability
  • Lexie Rewards program with user incentives
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The Dia II
  • Starts at $998 per pair
  • Batteries deliver up to 140 hours of operation
  • Most popular behind-the-ear hearing aid by Audicus
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Lively 2 Lite
  • Starts at $1,195 per pai
  • Built-in Bluetooth streaming capability
  • Digital feedback suppression system
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MDHearingAid Volt
  • Starts at $1,199 per pair
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Dual microphones
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