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The pros at believe that “everyone should hear well to live well.” For the past 10 years, they’ve worked toward connecting the public with the top hearing professionals in the USA. Not only do they partner with leading hearing aid manufacturers to provide top-tier products, but they also ensure each one is programmed by a professional to provide the best hearing experience possible. 

While works with the top manufacturers and offers hearing aids using the latest technology, it has also created its own model called the “Horizon.” These rechargeable hearing aids come with a charging pod, Bluetooth capability, and smartphone app controls. The Horizon’s lithium-ion batteries have a 19-hour runtime and charge effortlessly in the portable charging case, earning the title of “Best Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid” among our top 10 hearing aids of 2022. It’s a small, nearly invisible option for those needing mild to moderate hearing assistance. 

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What You Should Know About Hearing Aids

  • Cutting-edge technology. has prioritized staying ahead of the game with the newest tech to incorporate smartphone and bluetooth capability, speech clarity, high-speed sound processing, and rechargeability.
  • Accessibility to top hearing professionals. Partnering with over 2,000 providers across the USA, offers the ability to schedule both in-person and telehealth appointments.
  • Free consultation. Before any products are purchased, clients are able to schedule an initial meeting with a hearing aid expert to determine if and their hearing aids are right for them.
  • Financing options. High-quality hearing aids are an investment. offers a monthly payment option to spread out the cost of each pair over 36 months.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. The customized Hearing Success Program™ accompanies a 45-day risk-free trial and 100% money-back guarantee. Audiologist Safety Score worked with two expert audiologists to research and evaluate popular hearing aid brands for safety. The resulting Safety Scores are calculated using a system of three core metrics and 11 subcategories covering access to professional care, accuracy of the brands’ hearing tests, and more. You can find a detailed explanation of’s Hearing Aid Safety Scores by reading our Methodology. Safety Score:

Hearing Test & Consultation: was rated highly for the accuracy of its hearing tests but received a low rating for the accessibility of its test.

Fitting & Follow-Up Care: offers remote programming but the follow-up care may be costly.

Device Safety:

Meets industry standards for device safety, including safe decibel limiting. horizon hearing aids in portable charging case Hearing Aid Models 


The Horizon Hear Aid by

Created with the active adult in mind, the Horizon by is a smaller and smarter hearing aid. Its rechargeable battery can last for up to 19 hours after a 3-4 hour charge time. This nearly invisible hearing aid can connect to devices and can be controlled within a smartphone app. Speech clarity from the Horizon showcases its ability to laser-focus in noisy environments like restaurants and parties. There are even static noise and ocean wave signals within the Relax Mode that help to mask tinnitus.

Horizon Highlights:

Device Type: RIC

Battery Type: Rechargeable lithium-ion

Standout Features: Bluetooth connectivity

Custom Programming: Customized Hearing Success Program™

Cost: Starting at $800-$3250/ear OR $139/month

Pros and Cons of’s Horizon


  • Rechargeable lithium battery with portable charging case
  • Large online network of licensed hearing professionals
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Monthly financing options


  • Customer can’t buy online
  • Less environmental clarity with lower priced models

Buying Hearing Aids from

People interested in working with can initiate the process online with the no-risk trial eligibility quiz to determine their eligibility. Eventually the process will lead to a phone or video call with a hearing aid expert who will assess the situation and find the right solution for the client. Brand, model, pricing, and insurance are covered in the initial call to answer any customer questions. 

Once needs are assessed, the representative will locate a licensed provider near the customer who can then perform a hearing test. After the test, the provider will assess the test results and recommend the model that will best fit the client’s needs. When the customer receives the new hearing aids, the hearing professional will fit and program them to begin the 45-day trial custom Hearing Success Program™ and 100% money-back guarantee. is dedicated to helping their customers improve their hearing and hearing aid experience as much as possible with their custom program. Clients are encouraged to continually monitor and evaluate their experience during the trial period and work with the hearing provider to adjust the settings and fit of their hearing aid model.’s Mobile App and Accessories App

Users of the app have access to their personal hearing aid consultants with a tap of their smartphone. They can interact with hearing experts for advice on devices, insurance, and financing. The app makes managing appointments with their licensed providers easy with the ability to set up, reschedule, and receive reminders. App users will also find helpful tips and videos on the latest technology as well as articles covering customer stories.

Hearing Aid Accessories

  • Microphones: sells additional microphones, allowing users to hone in on and amplify sounds, especially within high-ambient noise environments. They can attach to clothes or stand-alone on hard surfaces, sending sounds directly to the connected hearing aid.
  • Remote Controls: Remotes sold at can clip to clothing or fit easily in a pocket, giving its user easy access to the settings to control their hearing aids.
  • Bluetooth Connections: If hearing aids don’t already have Bluetooth capability built-in, carries wireless accessories that connect to the hearing aid and then to a device to enable streaming of TV, radio, and computer content.
  • TV Transmitters: For users who are only interested in transmitting their TV sound directly to their hearing aid, sells transmitters to enable customers to do just that. 
  • Advanced Chargers: Users who need another charging option for their rechargeable hearing aids can invest in an advanced charger case. sells some that even come with a dehumidifier built in to remove moisture that can build up within the device.
  • Cerumen Filters and Drying Boxes: Hearing aids do need to be maintained and cleaned to stay in proper working order. Filters to block dirt and cerumen can be used to prevent damage to the device. carries these accessories as well, including drying boxes used to properly dry hearing aids without damaging the very sensitive technology. Hearing Aid Warranties and Repairs

As mentioned previously, does offer a 45-day no-risk trial of their products as well as a 100% money-back guarantee. Within the first 30 days of the trial, a coach will work with the customer to adjust their hearing aids as needed and teach them how to use and control the device. After the 30-day training period the customer will then decide if they want to continue using the hearing aid and will have until before the full 45 days are reached to return the device to receive their full refund.

Depending on the model purchased, hearing aids come with a manufacturer warranty of 1 to 3 years. If the hearing aids are lost or damaged beyond repair within the warranty period, customers can pay a deductible to replace their device. After this coverage ends, customers can speak with their insurance company to see if hearing aid insurance is a possibility.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Aids

How much do hearing aids cost?

Hearing aids sold through range in price based on the level of technology used within the device. There are four price points for the Horizon hearing aid starting at $139/month for the “Essentials” level all the way up to the “Luxury” level at $229/month. Without the monthly financing option, hearing aids can run from as low as $800 per ear to as much as $3,250 per ear.

Can I buy hearing aids online?

No. The way that the website works ensures customers receive the best fit for their hearing needs. Their process starts with a free consultation with either an audiologist or hearing instrument specialist. These professionals will help clients choose the right hearing aids before purchasing. takes a hands-on approach to deliver the best quality hearing assistance for its customers.

Are hearing aids good?

Yes. The hearing aids sold at are some of the best on the market. They work with the top manufacturers in the industry who are using the newest hearing technology available. The price points of these hearing aid models are high and so is the performance.

What types of hearing aids does sell? carries hearing aids for a variety of listening situations and offers a number of price points and styles. Customers will find the Horizon model in ITE and BTE options ranging in price from essential, premium, to luxury. While they do manufacture their own Horizon model hearing aid, also sells top-brand hearing aids from other leading companies. Those brands include Widex, Signia, Oticon, Unitron, and Starkey.

Do hearing aids have Bluetooth?

Yes. The Horizon model does have Bluetooth capability. does sell hearing aid models that do not have Bluetooth built in.

Are hearing aids rechargeable?

Yes. sells some rechargeable hearing aids and has also created their own rechargeable model, the Horizon. Their lithium-ion batteries take 3-4 hours to fully charge and can last for up to 19 hours of use. The charging pod makes it easy to maintain battery life on the go.

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