What exactly are the CNA/ patient and Nurse/patient ratio laws???

0 answers | Last updated: Sep 08, 2016
Ncnurse asked...

Exactly what are the laws pertaining to CNA/patient and nurse/ patient ratios? It looks like most nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the Asheville and surrounding areas are working with the very minimum staff- usually because administrators and The companies are looking to save money risking the safety and lives of nurses and CNAs and the poor patients that they care for. This is sad- irresponsible and I want to know exactly what the law states. I know that when state arrives, all administration level staff rush to assist- and are counted as 'staff' to make these facilities look like they have plenty of staff, but the truth is - they don't bother any other day- and do nothing but demand more from the sparse staff they have on any given day of the week. They cover up - CYA- and it's time these facilities put patient and staff safety first. Burned out staff is not safe..