Thinking about getting into a dementia care

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Kinster williams asked...

My grandmother is diagnosed with dementia three years ago and her condition is even worse now as she entered the second stage. she no longer recognizes anyone and is often showing some strange behaviors. This is a hard time for us to look after her and thinking about getting into a dementia care. Dad is also seconding this opinion. We are thinking about the alzheimer's care unit of Prestige care, Arizona. Its close to our home so is very much convenient to visit her time to time. Do you guys have any other suggestions for a better dementia care nearby Arizona?

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Rosar answered...

Hello Kinstrer Williams,

Thank you for reaching out to for assistance. has a team of Family Advisors that can assist you in locating housing options. Family Advisors is a free service available by telephone seven days a week at (800) 325-8591. If I can direct you to additional resources, please let me know. I am happy to help. -Rosa