Should I be concerned?

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Friendtoall asked...

For about 6 weeks I have had rapid heartbeat and flipflops. Feeling anxious for no reason. Today I had a tremendous squeezing very high in the rib cage, with intense pain in my upper stomach. Heart beating fast and difficulty breathing. Squeezing in my chest, pain between shoulder blades, and wanting to cough and throw up. Ended up sweating and thought I would pass out. I chewed an aspirin and made the 40 min drive home( I was shopping). I got home, fell asleep and started to feel slightly better. I'm still feeling bad in my stomach, still have tightness in my chest and back, and my heart is still erratic. A monster headache has followed. Cannot seem to eat. By the way, female, 66 yrs. have a 40% blockage in the left descending (diagnosed last Dec.), and am diabetic. My husband thinks I've had an attack or am really going to have a big one, and would like to get me to the hospital.