Has or is research being done on posterior cortical atrophy?

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Rockett asked...

Has or is research being done on PCA (posterior cortical atrophy)? Etiology?

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Lylas Mogk, M.D. is an ophthalmologist and director of the Henry Ford Visual Rehabilitation and Research Center in Grosse Pointe and Livonia, Michigan, and the author of Macular Degeneration: The Complete Guide to Saving and Maximizing Your Sight.

Research specifically on PCA (posterior cortical atrophy) is likely to be limited because it is rare; in 2003 researchers in Toronto were able to identify only 40 cases. However, PCA is a variant of Alzheimer's and there is much research being done on Alzheimer's, some of which may apply to PCA. I will suggest that this question also be referred to a neurologist, as this is a neurological disease with impact on vision but not primarily an ophthalmological disease.