im on ssi and medicaid im also on 24/7 care given to me bymy...

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I'm on SSI and Medicaid.  I also need 24/7 care, which is given to me by my ex-husband. How do I go about getting him paid to be my caregiver in the state of Indiana?  Does he need special classes or go to school for this?  He has been my care giver for over a year now.  I am skitzophrenic and can not have just any one around me so hiring an outsider is imposible.

Expert Answers

The Indiana Health Coverage Program (IHCP) operates Medicaid and related programs in Indiana which provide assistance with medical and long-term care for people with low incomes and few assets. Part of the IHCP is Home and Community Based Waiver Programs that pay reimbursement for reasonable and necessary medical care for persons who qualify for Medicaid and who would need to move to a nursing home if they did not receive sufficient care in the home. One of these waiver programs is the Aged and Disabled Waiver (A&D), which can provide an alternative to nursing facility admission for Medicaid eligible persons over the age of sixty-five (65), and persons of all ages with disabilities.It provides support to supplement informal home care for persons who would need nursing facility care if these services were not available. The services available through this waiver are designed to help people remain in their own homes. Some programs like this provide respite care and other forms of assistance directly to caregivers.

To find out whether you might qualify for the Indiana waiver program, or some similar Indiana state-sponsored program, and whether that program could provide some payment directly to your ex-husband as your caregiver, you need to contact the IHCP directly at the phone number provided on the IHCP Web site (above).