My mom had a stroke..

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Gygk asked...

Well I think it was in 2000 when my mom had a stroke damaged her speech side of brain (sorry I am not really into health as much) but I am a 20 year old PlayStation gamer living with parents and my sister is too well my mom was going to take her seizure medicine one night and she was walking and turned around while walking and fell and hit a wheelchair that she uses when she is unable to walk (reason for that is she is stubborn to eat) and this was way before of everything I'm writing out to you people out there is we found out she had Vascular Dementia then all this came around. Well from the fall she managed to cut her right eyebrow or somewhere along there and I heard her hit the floor and I went out there seeing my dad holding her with blood all over the place and then couple weeks after she said she was tired and we said go to sleep and she did and after that we been checking on her and she's probably awake for 6 or less hours then the rest she is asleep and she won't open her eyes won't talk whenever she eats or drinks anything (we have chocolate insures) it just builds up or falls out her mouth she is having trouble swallowing things like medicine, food, water anything and I'm so worried about her but she did talk to me last night for a little then all day today nothing but she ate some apple sauce and drank water what could be causing her to act like this?

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Rosar answered...

Hello Gygk, I am so sorry to hear of your mother's health. is an informational website only, and does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please speak with a licensed medical professional offline to receive expert guidance in treating the health symptoms you described.