Can we get the life insurance to pay up anyway?

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Trcy asked...

When my dad died, his life insurance policies would not pay due to the fact that he committed suicide. Is there a way we can get the to pay something back to us for a policy that was paid for for more than twenty years?

Expert Answers

Whether a life insurance policy covers death by suicide depends on the terms of the policy. If the policy does not refer to suicide, you should be able to collect. However, if the policy provides that no payment will be made if the insured died by suicide, that probably ends things. Your only hope in that case is that your state's laws prohibit an insurance company from denying payment because the insured committed suicide. I do not know of any such state law.

Community Answers

Yanotk answered...

How outrageous!

My god, how can that vile insurance company not pay; especially after premiums were paid for 20 years. What hubris! They think that just because they wrote a contract that clearly stated that suicide voids the contract, that it can be enforced. 20 years, man! I say it again and again, 20 years, man!

Hey, this is america! Everyone has an inalienable right to sign a contract saying that insurance won't be paid if the insured commits suicide, then demand that the insurance company pay up when the insured commits suicide. That's intuitively obvious. Taught in Sunday school, man!

What in god's name is america descending into?

This is just another example of this planet spiraling into hell.

Soon someone is going to go around saying that it's sinful to cheat on your income taxes.

There's no end to this kind of sinful behavior.

Solveig answered...

I am having a difficult time "GETTING" what the previous answer is getting at. How much is absurd, how much is tongue in cheek????

The obvious answer to me, is reading the insurance policy very carefully. Most of them do make a reference to suicide, but it usually says: "suicide within two years of the start of the policy", If you think the policy does not exclude suicide after 20 years, get an attorney.

Rellim answered...

solveig,,, I am having the same probelm as you, what are they really trying to say????/