How do I determine what's the best facility to put my parents in?

1 answer | Last updated: Oct 09, 2016
Elo1725 asked...

I am an only child (living out of state) of elderly parents who are fast becoming unable to live independently in their own home due to declining physical abilities, memory problems and my concern for their safety. Where can I begin to find information on facilities that will admit both of them? My wish is for them to stay together as long as possible however I realize that each of them may have different needs at different times. I don't know if other people have found themselves in a similar situation but sometimes I feel that certain facilities such as Assisted Living facilities may not provide enough support for my parents and Skilled Nursing may be too much at this point. Is there a happy middle ground? Thank you.

Community Answers

Caringdenise answered... has a variety of resources to help adult children, seniors and their families find the right care and housing arrangement. You can call a Family Advisor toll-free to both get questions like this answered, find local communities to consider, schedule tours, explore payment options and more: (866) 824-8174 You can also peruse informational resources online...

A geriatric care manager can also help you sort through your family's options and make the best determinations for your parents' needs. Thanks for asking!