How should we deal with the transition phase from home to assisted living?

2 answers | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
Reed asked...

We are moving our Mom from her house into a great personal care home. We know she will be more confused and frightened in a strange place. How can we handle the few weeks that follow?

Community Answers

Liebs answered...

I went through this with my mom. She was diagnosed with Alzheimers in 2004. Dad took care of her at home for a couple of years until it became too hard on him. . . . Long story short: I used some furniture and lamps and such from her home that she was familiar with for her new room. Also family pictures, especially around her mirror on her dresser.
We told her she was going to therapy for (blank -- whatever she'll understand the most). My mom had surgery on her knees in the past, one at a time, so she was familiar with therapy for her knees. We were fortunate we could visit her daily and make over what a great place she was in and how everyone waited on her! She'd often say okay, I want to go home now! "But mom, you're still in for therapy. They have to check everything."
Whatever she's interested in, that she can still do without getting frustrated that is, have it available for her. my mom could no longer crochet or knit or do wordsearch, but she loved to color with crayons with my son! Yep, crayons and coloring books. I don't know your mom's condition, but I hope this helps! God bless.

Ca-claire answered...

When we moved Mom and Dad from Independent Living to Assisted Living (different portion of the same place), we moved their furniture, and decorated the place for them (painted the dingy beige walls robins egg blue - more like their old home). It took some time for them to get used to, but it was really a blessing. Hopefully your Dad will be going with your Mom. It's awful to try and separate them.