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How does pulmonary fibrosis affect lungs?

3 answers | Last updated: Oct 23, 2012
A fellow caregiver asked...

How does pulmonary fibrosis affect the lungs? What causes pulmonary fibrosis?


A fellow caregiver answered...

My father has pulmonary fibrosis. It is scarring on the lungs and can be caused by many things. My Dad has asthma all his life, never smoked but nearly two See also:
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years ago he went for a walking test at the hospital and after a pulmonary function test, various other tessts and mri found that he has p.fibrosis. He is on oxygen 4 litrs (17 hours but now needs it constantly) and eight neublizers a day plus various medication. His heart is now enlarged and the legs are going all the time. There is unfortunately no cure aside from a lung transplant. My dad is nearly 73 so that's out of the question. As his progresses his breathing is ok..ironic. It's a very hard disease to watch someone going through and even when I ask the doctors what will happen as I'm his full time carer they won't say. I would appreciate if anyone can tell me as I don't want to let Dad down and make mistakes.. Magsx


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A fellow caregiver answered...

I'm not sure if your dad is still with you, as your post is already almost 2 yr. ago., but hopefully he is. There is a website that you may already have found that's pulmonaryfibrosis.org. There's also caregiver's support groups that post to help each other you should be able to connect with through that site.


A fellow caregiver answered...

Hi Yes my Dad is still here. The fibrosis is now in both lungs and the lymph nodes are swollen. Saying that he's in good spirits but sleeps a lot and needs the oxygen 24hrs. At the hospital today and they are very surprised he has no infections but thats because I made sure they only see him every few months and we keep him away from situations where he could pick up an infection. He has no fear of what may happen so I think that eases any anxiety that would come with the condition. I take it day by day as he could go into cardiac arrest as his heart is enlarged and everything he does requires a lot of effort. I know what's ahead of us but like Dad I'll keep calm and make sure he stays out of hospital and is as comfortable as I can mak him. x