How can I help my deal with the swelling in her legs, resulting from her cancer?

2 answers | Last updated: Nov 20, 2016
Frustrated asked...

How can I help my dearest mother from dealing with the swelling in her legs and stomach resulting from liver and lung cancer? No doctors seems to have an answer.

Community Answers

Steph answered...

All i have is personal experience, but my dad had lung cancer twice, The only think that seemed to help, and even the doctors did it before he passed, was just to alway have them up -- staying off his feet at all times unless to go the bathroom! When his arms began to swell we did the same thing. The arms being smaller was more effective! Rubbing his legs and moving the blood back up seem to bring comfort to him and help with the swelling also.

Chavurah answered...

My mother had leg swelling due to cancer she was put on a bloodthinner that has helped.

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