Does a written guide exist for trustees to refer to?

1 answer | Last updated: Nov 15, 2016
Jim2 asked...

My wife is one of three successor trustees to her mother's family trust. Is there a document or book she can refer to that is specifically targeted at fulfilling her trustee duties?

Expert Answers

Barbara Repa, a senior editor, is an attorney, a journalist specializing in aging issues, and the author of Your Rights in the Workplace (Nolo), now in its 10th edition.

There is. The best one I’ve seen after perusing dozens is The Executor’s Guide: Settling a Loved One’s Estate or Trust, available in bookstores or online from Nolo.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit I have written and edited books for this publisher—although this one is not one of mine.

It stands out head and tails from others because of its simple language, practical advice, step-by-step instruction—and the fact that it is frequently updated to keep up with changes in state laws. If you decide to peruse other publications, look for these good qualities.