How can we find help us paying for an eye exam for my husband?

1 answer | Last updated: Oct 04, 2016
Cheryl027 asked...

Do you know how we can find someone to help us pay for an eye exam for my husband? He is 46 years old, has had good vision, but now he can't see to read anything. He works, has served in the army and has good health other than high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I have been trying to find someone to help him, but can't come up with anything. Thank you so much for your time and help. It really means a lot to us. Cheryl

Expert Answers

Lylas Mogk, M.D. is an ophthalmologist and director of the Henry Ford Visual Rehabilitation and Research Center in Grosse Pointe and Livonia, Michigan, and the author of Macular Degeneration: The Complete Guide to Saving and Maximizing Your Sight.

To locate an ophthalmologist who might do an eye exam without charge, I would recommend calling the American Academy of Ophthalmology - 415-561-8500. It is recommended that everyone over 40 have an eye exam every 2-3 years.

However, If your husband sees fine in the distance and it's just reading that's a problem, that is simply a function of age as everyone in their mid-forties begins to be unable to focus up close. I recommend buying him a pair of reading glasses at the dollar store (try the lower powers, e.g. +1.50 to +2.00, marked on the glasses) and see if that solves his reading problem.