Do I sumbit a Change of Address form first and then draw up the Power of Attorney?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
Onetohelp asked...

My mother in law is 86 years old. She has lived with my sister in law for the last 6 years and Barbara took care of all her finances. The sister in law died suddenly three weeks ago. I had to go to Pennsylania this weekend to bring my Mom back to Kentucky to live with me. Do I submit a change of address for mom and then have the Power of Attorney drawn up? Apparently there are 3 bank accounts which I need to get information on. Not large sums, but need to know how to do this long distance. One bank is in New Jersey and Mom does not have the on line information.

Expert Answers

You should do both as soon as possible. Prepare a change of address form (for the Post Office, I assume) and also prepare a power-of-attorney (DPA) form, which your mother-in-law signs. Actually, you need two Kentucky power of attorney forms, onto manage your mother-in-law's financial matters, the other for medical/health care concerns. In each DPA, your mother-in-law appoints you to be her agent.

You mother-in-law must sign the financial DPA and have it notarized. With this form completed, you should be able to handle her bank accounts, including out-of-state bank accounts. You will need to contact each bank to see what documentation it requires to prove you are the agent under the DPA.

Your state (Kentucky) Medical Association should be able to provide you with a healthcare DPA form that your mother-in-law can complete.