How can I work with Mom's long-term care facility to assist her in having a nice warm bath?

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A fellow caregiver asked...

My mother is in long term care and would like to take a nice warm bath in a bathtub - what should I ask the LTC facility to do - they should be able to do this - right! She is slight and agile.

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Kay Paggi, GCM, LPC, CGC, MA, is in private practice as a geriatric care manager and is on the advisory board for the Emeritus Program at Richland College. She has worked with seniors for nearly 20 years as a licensed professional counselor, certified gerontological counselor, and certified geriatric care manager.

Arranging a tub bath in a long term care facility should be fairly simple. First step is to find out if they have a bath tub. Some facilities have only showers because they are so much safer for older adults. If that is the case in your mother's facility, then you will probably need to take her out, perhaps to your home, for a tub bath.

If you do that, please take precautions to prevent a fall. Many life threatening falls occur in the bathroom.

If the facility has a tub, then ask the director of nurses if a bath can be scheduled for your mother. This conversation will give you the opportunity to find out why she mother has not been given a bath. Maybe she has not asked, or there may be a safety reason, or they may not have adequate staff. Once you know the reason, you should be able to make the arrangements.

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Myrnabernal answered...

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