Assisted living or independant living

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Daddysgirl5926 asked...

My Husband's Grandmother needs someone to remind her to take her medication and remind her to take her oxygen off to warm her coffee water in the mornings. She dresses herself, bathes herself, makes her bed, etc....we have been staying with her, we make sure she is fed(she doesn't cook) but my husband works a fulltime job and i guess his sister is having a breakdown(she stays the most) there is no way my husband can stay more than he does now and I have my 4 grand-daughters during the week while their mothers work. We don't know what to do. Don't know if she has enough to cover assisted living. Someone said the VA might help since her husband was a veteran, i have no idea. She has ALL THESE INSURANCES, but they don't cover assisted living.She doesn't need to be in a nursing home!! We need help, got ANY advice?