Many elderly adults appreciate the life-saving potential of medical alert systems. Medical alert systems provide 24/7 monitoring and come in an assortment of comfortable styles, from lightweight pendants to waterproof wristbands. Some landline-compatible devices offer protection around the home, while others track movements wherever you travel via a cellular connection and GPS technology. Some devices also provide medication reminders and appointment alerts.

CarePredict is a newcomer to the medical alert industry, but it has quickly gained respect from elderly adults and medical professionals. Ranked one of the world’s top 150 digital health companies, CarePredict features an innovative device that predicts health risks rather than just reacting to them. Founder Satish Movva created this device to keep his parents safe, but after being tested in multiple assisted living facilities, it’s now available for seniors across the nation.

The CarePredict Tempo Series 3 monitors daily activities via sensors placed throughout the home. If something in a senior’s routine changes, loved ones are notified promptly. This helps identify health risks other than falls from trips, slips or heart attacks. A senior who spends more time in bed than usual may suffer from depression, while a senior who avoids the kitchen may need help preparing food or remembering meal times.

Caretakers and elderly adults considering the CarePredict Tempo often want more details before committing to the device, so we’ve compiled a detailed guide below. Learn more about the features, pricing, pros and cons of this wearable medical alert device, so you can determine whether it’s a practical choice for your needs.

Features of the Tempo Series 3 from CarePredict

The Tempo Series 3 from CarePredict offers traditional features often found in the best medical alert systems, such as fall detection and two-way communication, but it also has perks not commonly associated with devices for elderly adults. Caregivers place four sensors, called context beacons, throughout a senior’s home to monitor indoor movements. These sensors track behavior and activity trends in an app that’s accessible by an unlimited number of approved caregivers.

Two rechargeable batteries are included, so seniors never have to remove their wristband. A comfortable black fabric band comes with the Tempo Series 3, but subscribers can replace it with any 22mm watch band. This lets elderly adults customize the look of their medical alert device, so it feels more like a fashion accessory than a medical necessity.

The Tempo Series 3 is Wi-Fi compatible, and you can use its app with iOS or Android devices. This product provides an activity level score as well as proactive alerts about potential health issues. A carefully developed algorithm tracks activity changes and patterns, assuring loved ones how subscribers spend each day. The device also monitors a senior’s heart rate using a pulse oximeter sensor for accurate data.

The Tempo Series 3 tracks the eating, sleeping, cooking and bathing habits of subscribers, and watchful caretakers can track outdoor habits, such as how long a senior spends in the sun, with its UV sensor that detects sunlight.

Tempo Series 3

Device Type

In-home medical alert wristband


Two rechargeable batteries and a charging device

Two-Way Communication


Activity Score


Wi-Fi Compatible


Fall Detection


App Compatibility

iOS and Android

Heart Rate


Caregiver App

Yes; unlimited members may join


Black fabric band, four context beacons, one duo battery charger with power supply

Plans and Pricing for the Tempo Series 3 from CarePredict

With a price of $449.99 before shipping and monthly expenses, the Tempo Series 3 costs significantly more than other medical alert systems. However, the Tempo Series 3 has more features and functions than basic devices, so seniors and caregivers may find its price reasonable. Also, elderly adults buy the device outright rather than renting it on a monthly basis, such as many other medical alert companies require, so over time, they may save money.

Unlike other medical alert devices, the Tempo Series 3 doesn’t have an assortment of plans and add-ons for seniors. Subscribers purchase the device for a one-time fee, then pay $69.99 per month for app access. CarePredict waives the $69.99 monthly fee for the first 30 days, so new users have time to try the app.

Shipping costs vary based on a subscriber’s location.

Tempo Series 3

Device Cost


Monthly Plan


Shipping Costs

Based on location

Introductory Offer

Yes; 30 days of app access free for new subscribers

CarePredict Tempo Series 3 Review

The CarePredict Tempo Series 3 is a wearable wrist device that tracks movements and heart rate. It comes with four context beacons that are placed throughout the home to monitor a subscriber’s daily activities. This helps track behavioral patterns, so caregivers can identify and treat potential medical concerns, such as depression or malnutrition, before they get worse.

An artificial intelligence (AI) system makes predictions about potential health risks based on a research-backed algorithm endorsed by nurses, engineers and data scientists. The device primarily tracks indoor activities, including sleeping, eating and bathroom time, but it also monitors how long seniors spend in the sun.

The battery for the Tempo Series 3 is rechargeable, and the device comes with an extra battery and a charging station. CarePredict provides a black fabric wrist band, but subscribers can swap it with any 22mm watch band for a personal touch.

Subscribers must pay $449.99 for the Tempo Series 3 from CarePredict, plus shipping costs based on their location. The app is free for 30 days, but after that, it has a monthly fee of $69.99. Fall detection is included in the monthly fee, and there are no add-ons available.

Pros and Cons of The Tempo Series 3 From CarePredict

The Tempo Series 3 has many benefits, but it’s not the right medical alert device for every senior. Compare the following pros and cons so you can determine if this wearable device may work for you or your loved one.

Pros of The Tempo Series 3:

  • Monitors heart rate and daily activities, including eating, sleeping, bathing and outdoor time
  • Works with Android or iOS devices
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • An unlimited number of caregivers can access the app
  • The included black fabric band can be replaced with any 22mm watch band
  • Proactive rather than reactive; helps caregivers identify potential problems rather than just providing emergency alerts
  • Rechargeable battery, plus a spare, for uninterrupted use
  • Two-way communication helps seniors stay in touch with loved ones
  • Fall detection

Cons of The Tempo Series 3:

  • The initial price is high compared with other medical alert devices because you must buy the device rather than rent it
  • Not suitable for use in the pool or shower
  • Some seniors may need assistance setting up the beacons and understanding the device’s features

FAQs About the Tempo Medical Alert from CarePredict

What are some potential medical concerns that the Tempo Series 3 can identify?

The Tempo Series 3 tracks activity trends using an advanced algorithm. This algorithm helps loved ones detect potential medical concerns, such as depression, malnutrition and neglect. A senior who avoids the bathroom may be dehydrated or have a urinary tract infection, while a senior who spends more time sleeping may have symptoms of depression.

Does the Tempo Series 3 work away from home?

Seniors can use some features of the Tempo Series 3 away from home, but the device works best in or around a subscriber’s residence. That’s because it captures data using the four beacons that help track movements and log activity times.

How does the Tempo Series 3 know if a senior goes outside?

The Tempo Series 3 has a UV sensor that detects sunlight. It also collects data from the included in-home sensors, so it can detect when a senior leaves their home.

How can you view activity reports?

Caretakers can view activity reports, including charts and percentages, in the Care Circle app. An unlimited number of approved family members and friends can access the app.

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