Jitterbug is a phone service geared toward seniors. The Jitterbug brand is part of GreatCall, a California-based business with approximately 15 years of industry experience. Best Buy acquired GreatCall in 2018 but has not made any changes to the Jitterbug brand as of yet.

What is the Jitterbug Flip Phone?

Each year, more than 900,000 customers use GreatCall’s products, one of which is the Jitterbug Flip. The Jitterbug Flip is GreatCall’s solution for seniors who want to keep in touch with loved ones without navigating the confusing settings of a smartphone. Two different colors are available, red and graphite gray, and the phone fits easily in a purse or pocket.

The keypad on the Jitterbug Flip features generously sized buttons with bold, clear numerals. When a senior dials a number, it appears in large text on the easy-to-view screen. There’s a dedicated button for emergency calls, so elderly adults can quickly access the help they need. Subscription costs start at $14.99 per month and vary based on the amount of texts and minutes a senior uses.

A Jitterbug Flip phone may be right for you or a loved one if you want the convenience of a cell phone without unnecessary features or high monthly fees. You may also like this flip phone if you need a device with a loud speaker and a built-in flashlight. Learn more about the benefits of using the Jitterbug Flip in this informative guide, so you can decide if a GreatCall device meets your needs.

Jitterbug Flip Phone Medical Alert Services Features

The Jitterbug Flip phone doesn’t have many features, but that’s why the majority of subscribers love it. The phone is intended to be a simple device for elderly adults, and it achieves its goal with a user-friendly design and basic layout. There are some special features, such as a loud speaker, a magnifier and a flashlight. Seniors also appreciate the easy-to-press buttons that display large, clear numerals on the phone’s screen.

A backlit keyboard lets users easily text or call loved ones at any hour of the day, and a flash-enabled camera helps seniors capture memories. Press the dedicated 5Star button for emergency assistance 24 hours a day.

The Jitterbug Flip isn’t waterproof, so avoid using it in the pool or tub. It has a durable design, so it may survive the occasional bump or drop, but it may be best to buy a case-protected phone from another provider if you consider yourself an accident-prone adult.

Jitterbug Flip Phone Plans

Elderly adults generally spend $14.99 to $39.99 per month for Jitterbug Flip services, but costs vary widely based on the number of calls and texts that seniors receive. A basic plan starts at $14.99 per month before including the price of voice or text services. You can add a plan with unlimited calls and texts to your subscription for $20 per month.

The Jitterbug Flip costs about half as much as the Jitterbug Smart2, unless you talk and text often. Consider this basic flip phone if you need it mainly to share important information instead of socializing with friends or keeping in touch with family members. The phone is great for occasional use, but seniors who chat often or enjoy browsing the internet may prefer a smartphone, such as the Jitterbug Smart2.

Jitterbug Flip Phone Device Information and Pricing

Jitterbug offers an assortment of plans for its Flip device. You can stick with one of the lower-priced plans if you don’t plan to talk or text often, but consider getting an unlimited talk and text package if you expect to use your phone regularly.

Monthly packages start at $5 for 100 minutes, and an unlimited talk and text package costs $20. Seniors can purchase 500 texts for $3 per month, and 2500 texts are $10. You can request an unlimited texting package for $15 per month.

Monthly Minutes

Monthly Texts

100 Minutes – $5.00

500 Texts – $3.00

750 Minutes – $10.00

1000 Texts – $5.00

1500 Minutes – $15.00

2500 Texts – $10.00

Unlimited Talk & Text – $20.00

Unlimited Texts – $15.00

The Jitterbug Flip is a cell phone from GreatCall. It’s best for seniors who prefer simple technology rather than a feature-loaded smartphone. The flip phone has an easy-to-view screen with large numbers, and it captures photos with a 2MP camera. Use the magnifier with flashlight when you need up-close illumination for a book or project.

The Jitterbug Flip costs $14.99 to $39.99 per month, plus extra for additional text, call and data packages.

Pros and Cons of Jitterbug Flip Phone Devices

The Jitterbug Flip gets mixed reviews from seniors, so it’s wise to compare the pros and cons before you purchase one of your own.

Jitterbug Flip Pros:

  • Easy-to-see screen
  • Simple design
  • Easy-to-press buttons that display large, clear numerals
  • Loud speakers help improve communication between seniors and loved ones
  • Designed specifically for seniors
  • Camera with flash
  • Rechargeable device eliminates the need to stock up on batteries
  • Customizable subscription options based on talk and text packages
  • Nationwide services provided via the Verizon Wireless network
  • GreatCall is based in the United States

Jitterbug Flip Cons:

  • Phone battery lasts less than one day if you talk or text regularly
  • Device is not waterproof
  • It can be difficult to predict how many minutes or texts you need per month when you choose a subscription
  • Camera pics are often blurry or low quality

None of these cons are necessarily deal breakers if you’re looking for a budget-friendly phone with minimal features.

Who Should Buy the Jitterbug Flip Phone?

The Jitterbug Flip is a simple phone geared toward elderly adults with minimal experience operating digital devices. If you’re a tech-savvy senior who enjoys downloading apps or exploring the internet, you may prefer the Jitterbug Smart2 phone. Take some time to compare the prices and features of both devices before you make a decision, and remember, neither device functions as a standalone medical alert system. You can use the Jitterbug Flip for emergency calls, but you may need a separate medical alert system for around-the-clock protection.

GreatCall, the company that offers Jitterbug phones, also carries medical alert systems. Several models are available from Lively, a company that GreatCall acquired in 2015. The Lively Mobile Plus and the Lively Wearable are both mobile medical alert systems powered by a cellular connection. GreatCall doesn’t offer any landline-compatible phones or medical alert devices, so any product you purchase works across the nation as long as you’re near a Verizon Wireless tower.

Prices begin at $14.99 for the Lively Wearable, and the Lively Mobile Plus costs at least $24.99 per month. GreatCall doesn’t have any bundling options available for Jitterbug and Lively medical alert devices at the moment, but neither company charges cancellation fees. If you decide a GreatCall device doesn’t work for your lifestyle, return it and try a service from the numerous other medical alert system companies available.

In today’s modern world, many elderly adults want a convenient way to stay in touch with their loved ones without sacrificing their independence. The Jitterbug Flip phone helps elderly adults age at home by providing peace of mind that help is just one button press away. Caretakers and family members like knowing that subscribers have access to around-the-clock support, and seniors enjoy the lifeline that a cell phone provides.

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